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Google Duo is merging with Google Meet

Google's two video platforms, Duo and Meet, are merging. Duo won't be losing any features, but will get Meet features, and will be renamed Meet on mobile. Meet will still be Meet on the web and in Gmail. 

It's complicated. 

Why the change? Google says:

As part of our continued investment in helping people stay connected, and to adapt to evolving user needs, we’re upgrading the Duo experience to include all Google Meet features. This integrated experience will provide users with a single solution for both video calling and meetings with people across their lives. 

Google has promised that current Google Duo features will not be going away

Dave Citron, director of product for Google's video products, explained to The Verge:

“The Duo mobile app had a lot of sophistication, especially under the hood [...] Especially in emerging markets, where network connectivity was sparse or highly variable.” On the web, it’s different; Meet is the much more developed web platform, so that forms the base of the new combined system. But in both cases, “the idea is 100% of the functionality,” Citron said, “combined forces, and no users left behind.

One of the features that Hangouts video call fans miss in Meet is the ability to actually call someone, rather than just share a link to a meeting. Duo has that calling functionality. 

And Meet brings features like bigger group calls, scheduling, live captions, in-meeting chat, screen sharing and more.

What is the current difference between Duo and Meet? 

Why does Google have two separate video calling platforms anyway? 

Duo is

Meet is
  • desktop first
  • your account identifier is your personal, work or school Google account
  • designed for business meetings and classes
  • create a meeting and share a link (with "calling" only available in Google Chat 1:1 conversations in the Gmail mobile app)
  • integration with Google CalendarGoogle Classroom, Google Docs and Jamboard
  • host controls with the ability to turn off chat, screen sharing, and mute everyone
  • in-meeting chat
  • premium features for Google Workspace users including breakout rooms, polls, Q&A, handraising, recording, attendance tracking, and noise cancellation, phone par
  • up to 100 participants on free accounts, up to 500 with Google Workspace accounts
  • 60 minute time limit on group meetings, longer with a Google Workspace account; 24 hour time limit for 1:1 meetings
  • video calls on smart displays like Google Nest Hub Max
  • screensharing on desktop and mobile
  • live captions and translation in multiple languages
  • custom backgrounds and a selection of Duo's AR effects on mobile
So different features with a different use cases in mind. And now the Duo app will be getting Meet features, and eventually become the Meet app.

What Meet features will be coming to Duo? 

Features Google has highlighted that will be coming to Duo: 

  • Meetings up to 100 people
  • In-meeting chat
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Noise cancellation 
  • Background replacement
  • Live captions
  • Screen sharing

So what exactly is going to happen to Duo and Meet? 

Google Duo users don't need to do anything to start seeing the new features when they roll out. 
Meet users can continue to use the Meet app or Meet in Gmail. 

The merger will be a multi-step process: 
  • Mid-2022 (soon): the Duo mobile app will get new Meet features
  • Late-2022: Once the Duo upgrade is completed, Duo mobile and web apps will be renamed Meet
    • Original Meet app users will be given the option to use the new Duo-renamed-Meet app
    • On the web, Duo users will be directed to (that doesn't work yet!)
  • Meet in Gmail will not change
Google Workspace for Education users who are under 18 will not have access to Google Duo calling features.

There will be more details as this change develops. 

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  1. I want to know what will become of the ability to leave a video message. This was an insanely useful feature for people living in different time zones. It was so convenient to record a video message that the other party could view at their appropriate time, with zero expectation of having to save the video file or have it take up device/account storage space. It was a feature I always wish Apple would incorporate into either Facetime or iMessage the way they do with voice messages. Are Duo's video messages somehow going to be incorporated into Meet? I cannot imagine that working.

    1. Google says: Your current video calling features will remain with this upgrade. This will be an improved app experience and doesn’t require a new app download. You’ll still be able to do everything you’ve always done in Google Duo such as:
      • Make video calls to friends and family by phone number or email.
      • Use fun filters and effects.
      Send messages.
      • Ask Google Assistant to call with your existing devices.

      On the web, it sounds like there will be a separate Meet URL for Duo features.
      On mobile, what I expect will happen is that the Duo app will get Meet features like scheduling, and then be renamed Meet. But otherwise I believe the Duo features should just continue working. But we'll have to wait and see on that.


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