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Colorful Google Meet backgrounds by artist Deborah Lee

Korean-American illustrator Deb Lee has contributed several colorful backgrounds to Google Meet this year, including a celebration of Lunar New Year and the current Pride background:  

I hope we'll be seeing more of her illustrations in Meet.

This dynamic koi illustration is my favorite: 

Seasonal Google Meet backgrounds may only be available for a limited time, so these backgrounds may not be currently available.

Why replace your background during a video call?  Privacy, hiding distractions in the background, or just bringing some color into your video feed. 

Technical Requirements

In Meet, background replacement and other visual effects must meet the following requirements: 

On desktop

  • Supported browser
    • Chrome for Mac, Windows or Linux: version 91 or higher
    • Chrome OS: version 91 or higher
    • Edge for Windows or Mac: version 91 or higher
  • Hardware acceleration enabled
  • WebGL support (verify "Major Performance Caveat" is "No" at
  • 64-bit operating system

Supported mobile devices

  • Android P (Android 9) or higher
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 (or higher)
    • Pixel 3 (or higher)
    •  similar devices
  • iOS 12 or higher
    • iPhone 8 (or higher)
    • iPad 5th generation (or higher)

Change your background

Look for the option to Apply Visual Effects   on top of your video feed before joining a meeting. 

During a meeting on desktop, click the 3 dot menu icon at the bottom of the window and select the Apply Visual Effects option. 

Learn more

Meet Help Center: change background and apply visual effects

Deb JJ Lee website

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