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Weekly Update - April 6, 2019: Google+ & Inbox RIP, YouTube Live, Gmail Birthday

No fooling, this was a brutal week for some of us Google users. Consumer Google+ with its passionate  fans is gone and Inbox with its die-hard users is gone. I catch myself thinking I should check my Google+ notifications. I’ll have more thoughts about the Plus next week, but I feel like this is also a time of growth and new beginnings. There are updates this week, for video creators, live streamers, webmasters and so much more.
That’s a lot this week! But there’s more. Read on for more links, tips and updates for video creators, webmasters, social media gurus, live streamers and much more.

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Image: I had a really difficult time picking an image this week. Something funny for April Fool’s? Something sad for the shutdown of Google+ and Inbox? When I found this message in a bottle, I decided it suited my mood: it’s about sending messages into the ether (or ocean) looking to connect. (Message in a Bottle by pixel2013 on Pixabay, Pixabay license, free for commercial use)


April Fools

YouTube and Video Creation

Go Live


This will probably be the last week the update will have a separate Google+ section. In the final days there were many farewell posts and private goodbyes, now gone. RIP.

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Social media: Snapchat

Social media: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Other Social Media

Google Photos and Online Images

Other Creator Updates

Google for Businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and Advertising

Hangouts and Messaging

Made by Google, Android, Google Fi

Gmail and Inbox


Privacy and Security

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  1. Watching your Farewell with Nina is heartbreaking. As Azlin said - gone, all gone.

    1. It was really not a fun reason to get together :( But our connections are outliving Google+ and that, at least, is something to be happy about.

  2. I do have a for my Gmail accounts, they are still showing as Gmail having its birthday and turning 15 and I still see my upper left hand side of Gmail looking not normal. They have remained this way since literally April 1, 2019 which was 5 days ago so this problem should have been fixed by now (unless they are busy focusing upon the consumer Google+ shutdown and figuring out how G Suite Google+ will pan out). How long will this take for Gmail to go back to normal without weird stuff on the upper left? How long does it take one thing product to have a birthday? In the country I live in, birthdays normally only last for one day and only are celebrated on one day (especially if you are cauasian or African-American).

    1. I really don't know how long Gmail may be celebrating, but my guess is that Monday things will go back to normal. Don't hold me to that though - maybe Gmail just likes to party...


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