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YouTube raises eligibility requirement for mobile live streaming to 1000 subscribers

If you are a live streamer with fewer than 1000 subscribers, you can no longer go live from the YouTube app on your mobile device.

In 2017 YouTube mobile live streaming was made available to all users with a verified channel with no live stream restrictions in the past 90 days, so this is a notable change.

YouTube hasn't explained why they made this change, other than that they are "regularly reevaluating our eligibility requirements and decided to raise the threshold for live streaming on mobile."

If your channel has fewer than 1000 subscribers, and live streaming is enabled, you will still be able to live stream on desktop and using your webcam.


  1. Cue screams of outrage and anguish!

  2. It is STILL possible to stream to Youtube live from a mobile device for channels below 1K subscribers​

  3. YouTube live video chalu nahin ho raha hai


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