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Add music to your Google Photos movie from the YouTube Audio Library (or anywhere)

You create a Movie from your videos and photos in Google Photos, then add your own music or audio track with just a few clicks.

If you have a supported device, all you need to do is select from your images and video clips to create a Movie. The app offers a number of songs you can add, but you might have trouble finding just the right track.

YouTube offers a much larger variety of music in the YouTube Audio Library which can be used for any project.  And you can add those tracks to your Google Photos Movies.

The following instructions explain how to do that on your supported Android device.

Note that this works for any audio file downloaded to your device. Just keep in mind that if you plan to share the Movie publicly, any music needs to be licensed for use.

How to add music from the the YouTube Audio Library to your Google Photos Movie

1. Create your Google Photos Movie on your Android device (Instructions)
2. Find the YouTube Audio Library track you want to use (
3. Download the music file from the YouTube Audio Library onto your device
5. Open Google Photos again, open the Movie you created, and tap Edit
6. Tap Music 
7. Tap My Music
8. Select your downloaded audio track
9. Set the start point for the song and save

Get detailed instructions below.

1. Create your Google Photos Movie

Note that Movie creation is only available on the iPhone, iPad and selected Android devices (see the list here).

a. Select images and videos you want to include
b. Tap the + button at the top of the screen
c. Click Movie

d. Edit the order of the images and clips, and select a theme

2. Find your song in the YouTube Audio Library

   Note: it is easiest to find your audio track on a desktop computer. 
If you have an existing MP3 file you wish to use, you can download that onto your device instead.

a. Open the YouTube Audio Library (

b. Filter the songs by Genre, Mood, Instrument, or Duration

c. Click the play button next to a track to listen to samples and find your song
    Note: The song previews will not play on your mobile device.

d. Optional: tap the star to the right of the song to add it to your Favorites to access it from any device

Note: some songs require attribution. Make a note if that is required and be sure to attribute the song as directed, particularly if you are going to share it publicly, embed it on your website, or upload to YouTube.

3. Download the song to your device

If you originally found the song using your desktop computer, open the YouTube Music Library in your device's browser. If you are are signed into the same YouTube account in that browser as you were on desktop, tap the Favorites tab to find songs added to your Favorites. 

You can download MP3 files onto your device from other sources, just keep in mind that if you use copyrighted music without permission, your video may be removed from public display or YouTube.

a. Open the YouTube Audio Library ( in the browser on your phone
b. Find the song, either by searching for the name or in your Favoriteslist
c. Tap the download icon to the right of the song

4. Open the Movie you created in Google Photos

You may need to close the Movie, then re-open it, for the Google Photos app to detect newly downloaded audio files.

a. Open Google Photos
b. Find your Movie and tap to open
c. Tap the pencil icon to open the Editor

5. Tap the Music icon 

6. Tap My Music

7. Select your downloaded audio file

It will be labeled with the song name,  artist and YouTube Audio Library.

8. Set point where you want the song to start, and save

a. Drag the track to change the starting point

b. Tap the check mark icon at top right to save

Share your Movie with family, friends and fans

Once you are satisfied with your Movie, you can:


  1. Can I make a setpoint for when I want that song to stop and then begin to play another song?

    1. No there isn't any way to do that, that I can see.

  2. Thanks for your tutorial, it works like a charm!

  3. Can I have theme music for few phots in the movie and then few videos with no music in the same movie. If so how can I do so? Thanks

    1. There isn't really any way to do that in Google Photos. It sounds like you need a more dedicated video editing app. Adobe Clip is free with an Adobe account, and that gives you more options (although I'm not sure about the advanced video editing).

  4. Not all the songs from my playlist are getting listed when I try to change the music from "My Music"option. Only few of the songs are listed. Why is it so?

    1. The issue could be that not all the music is downloaded to your device. Or it could be the file format of the music. They need to be a standard mp3 file.


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