Saturday, November 29, 2014

Import videos from Google Photos to your YouTube channel

Update May 2015: you can now import videos from Google Photos to YouTube, both regular videos and automatic "Creations", whether you have a Google+ profile or not. The screen shots and links have been updated to reflect that change.

Uploading video to Google Photos is easy, especially using the Auto Backup option on your mobile device or desktop computer. You can even use Google Photos to combine images and video clips into your own movie creation. But Google Photos doesn't offer all the video editing, management and promotional tools you can find on YouTube. The solution? Import your videos from Google Photos to your YouTube channel.

Is your YouTube channel connected to your personal Google+ Profile or not connected to Google+ at all? You can import any video uploaded to your main Google account, including automatic movie Creations.

Is your YouTube channel connected to a Google+ Page for your brand or business? You can import any video uploaded to your Page or from any Google+ Profile that manages your Page.

Import is easy:
  1. Sign into YouTube with the Google account you want to import the videos from. To import your videos originally uploaded to your Google+ Page, you must sign in with your Page's username and password
  2. Switch to the YouTube channel you want to import your Google videos to.  If you want to import videos from your Google+ Profile or email identity to your Google+ Page-connected channel, you may need to switch channel identities.
  3. Open your channel's Upload page and click"Import from Google Photos" 
  4. Select the videos you want to import. Select from your Auto Backup, Albums or all videos. 
  5. Add metadata and update your videos' settings. Add a title and description, set privacy, enable monetization and more.
  6. Publish your video

10 Reasons to Import your Videos from Google Photos to YouTube

If you are more a Google+ user or Local Page owner than a YouTuber, you may be wondering why you should bother importing your videos to your YouTube channel.

But a word of caution: before you import your videos to YouTube, make sure your video complies with the YouTube community guidelines! That means the content should be suitable for an audience age 13 and up, you must be sure you have permission to use any music (even background music) and your video should not include any advertising where YouTube offers a similar ad format.

How to Import your videos from Google Photos to YouTube Step-by-Step

Importing your videos to YouTube from your Google+ Page only requires a few clicks on your desktop computer.

1. Sign in to YouTube with the Google account you want to import your videos from

  • Sign in with your main Google account username to import videos from your Google+ Profile or main Google account  to your Profile-connected YouTube channel OR to any Google+ Page-connected channel your Profile manages
  • Sign in using your Google+ Page's username and password to import videos from your Google+ Page to the YouTube channel connected to the Page. Learn how to set a password for your Google+ Page

2. Make sure you are using YouTube with the correct channel identity

3. Open your channel's Upload page and click the "Import your videos from Google Photos button

4. Select the videos you want to import
  • You can select your videos from your Albums, Auto Backup, or all your videos
    • "Auto Backup" includes all videos uploaded via Google Photos, even if you didn't use the autobackup process.
    • Your All Videos will include videos you have backed up and uploaded, movies you created in Google Photos, and movies automatically created by Google
  • Click the Play button to see a small preview of the video
  • After selecting your videos, click the blue Select button

5. Edit your video settings and add metadata

6. Once the upload is complete, click "Publish" 
  • Video uploads are saved as a private draft until the video is published. You can either publish your video from the Upload page or from your Video Manager
  • If your video is very large, it may take a while to process. YouTube will send you an email when your video is ready to be published. 

If you have any questions about uploading or managing your videos, you can ask for assistance in the official YouTube help forum.

If you have questions about Google Photos, you can post your question in the official Google Photos help community on Google+.

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