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Weekly in Review - April 2, 2016: April Fools' edition!

April is upon us and much foolishness was posted - I've rounded up a bunch of yesterday's April Fools' gags from around the web at the end of this post. Some were amusing, some were boring, and some had to be apologized for.

But there were plenty of real life updates this week: Nonprofits can use YouTube Spaces production facilities free, the Google Photos Android app got non-destructive photo editing and emoji search, Periscope turned one, and now you can easily bookmark and organize images from Google Image Search on desktop. 

There were also several stories this week that showed how internet-linked computers are becoming more human-friendly, from improved text-to-speech in Google Now, to Twitter enabling image descriptions for the visually impaired, to improvements in the way Siri responds to questions about traumatic experiences. I've collected them under the "more human - or more humane?" heading. 

And, as always, there are lots of other tips, articles and updates.

Get Help with Google Products

How to get help for YouTube, Blogger, Hangouts, Gmail and other Google products in the official Google help Forums


  • Get your Google+ Collections ready to submit to the upcoming official #FeatureFriday contests! (Sophie Bonnet)
  • Tip Build a Google+ Collection: moving vs resharing vs posting (Sooraj Wadhwa)

Google and your business

YouTube and Video Creator updates

Live Broadcasting

Google Photos 

  • Update Non-destructive editing comes to the Android Google Photos app (The Verge)
  • New Google Photos now lets you search by emoji 🔍📷 ! (Google Photos - yes April Fool, but it works!)

Webmasters & Bloggers

Hangouts, video calling and chat

Android and Project Fi

Productivity and Security

Computers get more human or at least more humane?

More Internet News


Dubious Tech News for the First of April

Updated March 2019 to remove Google+ links