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Week in Review - April 23, 2016: YouTube 360 Live, Google Play Podcasts, Google+

This week there are big updates from YouTube, Google Play Music, Google+ and more:
  • YouTube launched 360-degree live broadcasting (live from Coachella this weekend) and introduced #hashtag search.
  • Google Play Music now hosts podcasts - you can even play podcasts inside the Google Search app
  • There's a new home in your Google account for the list of people you’ve blocked in Hangouts and Google+, plus hovercards are back in the Google+ web preview. 
Plus there are tips and updates for Blogger bloggers, webmasters, YouTubers, live broadcasters, AdSense publishers, and Search, Chrome, Inbox, Google Docs, Project Fi and more.

Live Events

Live Broadcasting



Google and Your Business

Google Photos


Google Advertising

Bloggers and Webmasters

Hangouts and Mobile Communication

Project Fi

Productivity: Browsers, Search, Mail, Docs and more

Google in the News

And more around the web

Posted by Peggy K



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