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Week in Review - April 9, 2016: Live streaming, HTTPS Everywhere, TC Experiences

What's new this week? Going Live: Facebook and YouTube announced updates for live streaming. Facebook is continuing its focus on mobile live broadcasting, with a major launch this week of new livestream features, new tools for finding broadcasts, and better live stream metrics. YouTube rolled out improvements in live chat moderation tools and more livestream stats for nerds.

HTTPS everywhere! HTTPS is coming to all Blogger blogs by late April. And Wordpress now offers HTTPS for custom domain blogs hosted by

If you are interested in the Google Top Contributor program, there is a new series of videos with TCs from different Google Products talking about their experiences.

Plus there are tips and updates for Google+, YouTube, Google Photos, Google My Business, Google Calendar, Webmasters and more!

And also this week my Video Creator Tips & Updates Google+ Collection reached 1 million followers - thank you!

Image: Bluebonnets in Spring, by Julien Onderdonk (1882-1922), Public Domain

  • Limited time: Get the Nexus 5X for $199 if you activate with Project Fi (through May 8th)

Google Top Contributor Program

  • The Google Top Contributor program is about helping people!
  • Google Top Contributors: How did you join?
  • Google Top Contributors: Connections
  • Google Top Contributors: Favorite Memory


  • Have a story to tell? Apply for the Sundance Institute | YouTube New Voices lab (YouTube Creators - deadline April 25th)
  • New Congrats US and UK YouTube Next Up class of 2016! (Japan-based creators: YT is still accepting submissions!) (YouTube Creator Blog)
  • Update YouTube Gaming update: more countries, improved live chat moderation and more (YouTube Gaming)
  • Tip YouTube Creators: add a description and tags to help viewers find your videos (YouTube Creator Academy)
  • Tip Tips for creating customer support and software "how to" videos (Vimeo Video School)
  • Tip How to permanently delete your YouTube channel (YouTube Help)

Live Streaming

Google and your Photos


  • Submit your pranks and jokes Google+ Collection to the #FeatureFriday contest by 8AM April 13 (Sophie Bonnet)
  • Tip How to create a Poll in the Google+ Android app (Sooraj Wadhwa)
  • Article We Need To Talk About Daniel Radcliffe's Use Of Social Media... only Google+ (Buzzfeed via Jaana Nystrom)

Google and Your Business

Blogger and Webmasters

  • New HTTPS coming to all Blogspot domain Blogger blogs in late April
  • New WordPress now offers free HTTPS for all custom domain blogs hosted on (Wordpress)
  • Tip Google Webmasters Event Calendar for April (Google Webmasters)
  • Tip English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout (Google Webmasters on YouTube)
  • New Medium launches "Medium for Publishers" with branding, advertising, and paid content (but no banner ads) (Medium)
  • New Google's new VR View lets you embed 360-degree images and video on your website or mobile app (Google Developers blog)
  • New Etsy launches Pattern, an online store builder to take on Squarespace and Shopify (The Next Web)


Chat and Video calls

(no Hangouts this week)

Elsewhere on the internet

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