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Week in Review - July 25, 2015: Google Photos, YouTube app and Google Maps Timeline

This week Google+ announced that Google+ Photos will be retired on July 29th. Easing the transition a bit, the Android Google Photos app was updated with better album management options. On the desktop you can find your photos in Google Photos and Picasa Web Albums.

Google Maps also got a neat new Timeline feature that lets you rediscover your travels and photos.  And the YouTube Android app was updated with new features and navigation.

Earth Photo: NASA Captures "Epic" Earth Image


  • Google+ and your business: the Google Apps learning center has tips for using this "social network designed for businesses"


  • Goodbye Google+ Photos! Hello Google Photos!  (Google+)
  • Bradley Horowitz: Extremely excited about Google Photos (Bradley Horowitz)
    Folks, we are indeed reading these comments.  Google Photos isfoundational - meaning we're far from done, and definitely will be growing and evolving the product.  It is a major area of investment for us, and we're solidly behind it.
  • Google Photos lead Anil Sabharwal provides some context around the retirement of Google+ Photos (Anil Sabharwal)
  • Google Photos Android app update: photo descriptions, better album management options, select all photos on a day with a single tap (Google Photos)
  • Google Photos to Google+: photographer Trey Ratcliff demonstrates how he uploads to Google Photos and shares to Google+ (Trey Ratcliff)
  • The new Google Maps Timeline not only lets you rediscover your travel routes - it also helps you rediscover your photos from that day! 
  • Google Photos will let you #paywithaphoto for tasty treats if you are in NYC, LA, Austin, or Portland
  • OK Google: Find "photo spots nearby" with Google Now (Google)
  • High quality photos and videos with cheap CCTV camera lenses (Instructables)

Local Business

  • Google will remove unverified Local Business pages beginning July 28 (Mike Blumenthal)
  • Local business owners: keep up with changes and updates to local search with Nick Rink's weekly Smart Local Roundup

YouTube and Video Creators

Live Streaming

  • Dustin Stout's Tips for Periscope Broadcasts: no nostrils! (Dustin Stout)
  • Two ways to capture your Periscope Replay with comments and hearts so you can repurpose the recording (Krishna De)


  • AdSense Publishers: 7 tips to protect your account and prevent invalid activity on your website or blog's ads
  • AdSense Publishers: Increase traffic to you website


Google Voice & Project Fi

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