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Week in Review - July 11, 2015: Communicate better - Hangouts, Messenger, YouTube and more

This week was all about communication: there were updates to Google Messenger, Hangouts on desktop and the YouTube Live Event interface. YouTube launched Channel Cards, making it easier to give another channel a shout-out. Gmail improved their spam filters and launched Postmaster Tools for businesses. And it also got easier to review Local business on mobile devices. All that, plus tips for Google+, Blogger, Google Photos and more.

YouTube and Video Creators

  • Trusted Testers wanted for the YouTube Creator Studio App
  • YouTube launches Channel Cards: thank a channel for their contribution to your video or for a general recommendation
  • Facebook offers Pages more video view details on the new Video Insights tab

Live Broadcasting and Hangouts on Air

  • Update! YouTube updates the Live Events interface
  • Use live video broadcasts to connect with fans and followers and build community


  • Google+ Tip: Enable or disable Collection notifications

Local Businesses



  • Bloggers: set up Google Analytics for your Blogger blog to better understand your blog's visitors and help build your readership.

Google Hangouts and Mobile

  • Update! Hangouts on desktop update: drag and drop images into the conversation (Mayur Kamat)
  • Update! Google Messenger update: cute stickers, share your location


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