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Download your Amazon Drive files before January 1

Amazon Cloud Drive is no longer supported and files will only be available for download through December 31, 2023.

If you are affected, you should have received several notification emails starting in October 2022. Uploading files to Amazon Drive was deprecated in January 2023.

From the FAQ:
A: Yes, on October 31, 2022, the Amazon Drive app will be removed from the iOS and Android app stores. On January 31, 2023, Amazon will no longer support uploading files on the Amazon Drive website. You will still be able to view and download your files until December 31, 2023.
I did not even know I was an Amazon Drive user, but I do use the Send-to-Kindle option to send documents to Kindle. Note that the Kindle file uploads will continue to be available in your Kindle settings. 

Amazon Photos will also continue to be available.

If you have any trouble downloading your files, you can contact Amazon support for assistance.

How to export your Amazon Drive files 

To export your Amazon Cloud Drive files: 

1. Open your Amazon Drive (

2. You will see folders for Documents, Music, My Send-to-Kindle Docs, Pictures, Videos, and any other folders you created there. You can open each folder to see the contents.

3. Select the folders or individual files you want to download.

4. On the menu that appears at the top of the window, select Download. 

Note that if your files are  more than 5GB or you want to download more than 1,000 files, Amazon recommends using the Amazon Photos app for Windows or Mac. Install the app on your computer and select "Download" from the left navigation.

Amazon Photos

You will continue to be able to access your photos and videos in Amazon Photos, which is not shutting down. Photos should not be deleted from Amazon Drive if you want to continue to access them in Amazon Photos.
A: Because Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos share the same cloud storage location, your photo and video files in Amazon Drive access the same photo and video files in Amazon Photos. To access your photos and videos in Amazon Photos, please sign in to the Amazon Photos website or download the Amazon Photos app for iOS or Android. Any photo or video deleted on Amazon Drive will no longer be available through Amazon Photos and will be permanently removed from Amazon after 30 days.

Amazon offers 5 GB storage free for photos and videos. 

Send-to-Kindle Files

Amazon Drive > Send-to-Kindle only includes files sent to Kindle up to April 2016. They were separated at that time.

You can continue to send files to your Kindle account to access on Kindle devices or the Kindle app.

You can find your Kindle purchases and uploaded documents by:

1. Sign in to Amazon 

2. On the left menu select Kindle E-Readers & Books 

3. Then select Manage your content and devices (at the very bottom of the menu)

4. Make sure you are on the Content tab 

5. Switch from Books to All Content to find all your Kindle uploads and purchases
Or go directly to 

6. Filter by Docs to see all the documents you uploaded