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Extended reapplication waiting times for the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube has updated reapplication times for the YouTube Partner Program, with a 90 day wait for second reapplications. The changes go into effect on June 5.

Currently all reapplications have a 30 day waiting period. 

The waiting time for second (or third, or further) YPP reapplications is extended to 90 days

The first time you apply for the YouTube Partner Program, if your application is rejected, you can reapply after 30 days. 

If your application is rejected a second time, you then have to wait 90 days to reapply. 


If your application for the YouTube Partner Program is rejected OR if your monetization is suspended, and you think YouTube got it wrong, you have 21 days to submit an appeal.

If your appeal is not successful, the new reapplication waiting times apply (30 days for the first reapplication, 90 days for subsequent reapplications). 

Learn how to appeal a YouTube Partner Program suspension.

Channel Membership Paused Mode Extended to 120 Days

If monetization on your YouTube channel is suspended, Memberships on your channel go into "paused mode". While in paused mode, YouTube will not cancel the Memberships. 

Paused mode is being extended from 90 days to 120 days to take into account the longer waiting time to reapply.

Learn more about channel Memberships paused mode.

What to do if your application for the YouTube Partner Program is rejected

If your application for the YouTube Partner Program is rejected or your channel's monetization is suspended, the first thing to do is review the YouTube channel monetization policies. 

The policies include: 
Consider how those policies apply to your channel's content. What YouTube focuses on includes: 
  • Your channel's main theme
  • Your most popular videos by views or watch time
  • Your newest videos
  • Video metadata, including titles, thumbnails and descriptions
You may need to remove videos or upload new original content before reapplying.

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