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Google Chat will replace Hangouts for Google Workspace users March 22


In yet another step towards the retirement of Hangouts, Google Chat will replace classic Hangouts for Google Workspace customers in Gmail and on mobile devices on March 22.

Note that Hangouts will still be available at so this is not a full retirement of Hangouts. 

Google has not announced when Hangouts will be fully retired. But that time is on the horizon. 

Some Hangouts features have been removed: 
  • You can no longer share a link to join a conversation in classic Hangouts.
  • Video call ringing is only available on Google Chat in Gmail on mobile devices. This is currently only available for 1:1 conversations where both participants are using the latest version of the Gmail app for Chat. 
Your classic Hangouts conversations should be available in Google Chat, for the most part.
 Except for a few special cases, all the conversation history from Hangouts will be available in Google Chat. However, starting mid-March 2022, any newly created spaces in Google Chat within your domain will not appear in classic Hangouts. This means that messages sent in these spaces will only appear in Google Chat for your affected users.
According to Google these are reasons why you may not see a Hangouts conversation in Chat: 
  • Inactive Hangouts conversations prior to November 2017 to not yet appear in Chat
  • Classic Hangouts group conversations with abusive users do not appear in Chat
  • Classic Hangouts group conversations don’t appear in Chat if the Google Workspace organization that owns the classic conversation can’t be identified. This can happen if the Google account for the person who created a multi-organization conversation was deleted.

What about personal Google accounts?

Personal Google accounts are also being migrated from Hangouts to Chat. Google has not announced a timeline for that change. 

But I think now is the time to give Chat a try. If you haven't given it a look recently, sign in at or in Gmail to see how it works. 

You can download an archive of your classic Hangouts conversations using Google Takeout.

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