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Weekly Update - September 25, 2021: YouTube Chapters, Meet Light Adjustment, Chat PWA

Happy Autumn! It won't really cool off here in California for a couple more months, but it still feels like there is change in the air. (And no I don't mean wildfire smoke.)

This week there are tips and updates for YouTube, Google Meet, Google Chat, Gmail and more. Plus a sneak peek at Google’s new newsletter platform in the works.

To Try

Google’s Area 120 has a new newsletter service called Museletter. This lets you create a public profile for Google Drive. You can publish any Google Drive files to your profile or an email list, including Google Docs newsletters, Google Slide decks, photos and other files.

The plan is to offer analytics, community features and paid subscriptions.

If that sounds interesting, request early access. Note that this may be limited to the United States.

(Update December 14, 2021: Google is shutting down Museletter on December 20. The public-facing content creation tools were never made available. )


Google Workspace for Education is offering free product training from September 21st to November 4th. These are 30 minute video sessions on Google Meet, Chrome, Classroom, Google Drive and more. While some of the content is education specific, it looks like it will cover topics that may be useful to business and personal account users too. The videos are available on demand after the session.

Sign up today to get live session reminders and recording links.

Top Stories

Automatic video Chapters may now be added to all existing eligible YouTube videos. If you do not want Chapters to be added, you can turn it off for individual videos. You can also edit the setting on your videos in bulk.

Google Meet introduced low light mode on the web. It automatically detects when a participant’s video feed is underexposed and brightens it up. If lighting adjustment is turned off, you will see a prompt to turn it on. If it’s on, you can turn it off to remain in the dark. Note that this is only available in eligible browsers: Chrome, ChromeOS or Edge version 90 or above; 64-bit operating system; browser that supports WebGL2 and hardware acceleration enabled.

If you are using an old version of the Google Chat Progressive Web App on your computer, you should be seeing a prompt to update to the current version. The old version of the Chat app will stop working September 27.

Google Workspace Individual subscribers can now create branded emails with custom layouts in Gmail. Very professional looking! Google Workspace Individual is a paid upgrade to your personal Google account that adds business-oriented features in Google Meet, Calendar and Gmail. It is currently available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

More updates:

YouTube and Video

Social Audio

Social Network Publishing

  • Facebook has published new content distribution guidelines. This explains what kinds of “problematic” or low-quality content may be demoted in the News Feed. The goal is to get publishers to share more high-quality content. If you are linking to low quality web pages, events or videos, this may affect you. Read the Content Distribution Guidelines in the Facebook Transparency Center.



  • You can now learn more about the ads you see on YouTube and Google Search. Click the “About this ad” icon to view the advertiser profile, including the other ads they are running.
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Image: Autumn leaves. Photo by Anita Smith from Pixabay. Free for commercial use, no attribution required.


  1. Can you blog on the Museletter? Share it with us if you do.

    1. My impression is that you could sort-of blog. Instead of a blogging platform you would be using Google Docs to write your posts. We'll see when it's actually available to try.

  2. It would be extremely disappointing if they don't provide this "Museletters" feature to Blogger Blogs too (that is, configured to Blog posts on Blogger itself, without having to be forced to use Docs for it). (Especially after they discontinued Feedurner's email subscription services which use to power Blogger's). It doesn't make any sense to why don't they consider to include such a feature in Blogger too ? They'd be wasting a good blogging platform and denying its users a chance to monetise with newsletters if they do not extend this feature to Blogger too. It would be a betrayal of Bloggers if they don't. (Yes, I had already sent them feedback on this through the "Help & feedbak" button in there before I saw this about this "Museletters" thing, but I suspect that they even actually read it).

    1. That would be great. However, I am not sure that will be technically possible because Blogger's permissions structure is different than Google Docs/Drive. That doesn't mean impossible though. And it's good to send feedback.


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