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Weekly Update - May 15, 2021: YouTube Shorts, Clubhouse, Meet

This week there are updates for YouTubers, web creators and more.

Note: if you received an email yesterday that one or more of your Blogger posts were removed for violating the “Malware and Viruses”, as of this writing Blogger is working on a fix. 



Web Creators

  • Google has a new Web Stories Playbook and design kit in Figma to help incorporate Web Stories into your website.
  • The latest version of Lighthouse - one of the Chrome DevTools debugging tools - can help you measure and understand your site’s Core Web Vitals.
  • If you have been using the classic version of Google Sites, you will need to transition to new Sites by the end of the year.


  • Clubhouse has finally released their official Android app in beta. It's currently missing a number of features including Club creation and management, updating your name, payments, topic following and other features. And you still need a current Clubhouse user to invite you to join.
  • Discord announced “Stage Discovery”, a way to easily explore “Stage Channels” audio events on the platform. They are also testing paid tickets for “extra, extra special” audio events.


  • Third party extensions can cause problems in Google Meet, especially extensions designed to add or change Meet features and functionality. Learn what that may look like, and try disabling extensions if you run into a problem..
  • Nina Trankova has a tour of Google Meet, showing the new interface for Google Workspace features.
  • Skype now lets you name your video calls, including emojis. That can be used with the Skype “Meet Now”, which lets you create a free video call that can have 99 guests, up to 24 hours long, with no sign-ups required.


More around the web

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Photo: Network servers by panumas nikhomkhai from Pexels (free for commercial use)