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Add or change a Google+ Custom URL

Note: as part of the shutdown of consumer Google+ on April 2, 2019 Google+ custom vanity URLs will no longer be supported. Any links that use Google+ vanity URLs, including Album Archive, will no longer work. 

When you set up a Google+ Profile or Page, the link to the profile uses an impossible to remember 21-digit user ID.  A Custom URL lets you use a link that's easy to remember when you are promoting your Google+ activity.

If your Google+ Profile or Page is eligible for a Custom URL, you will see a banner on your Profile or Page's profile.  You will then have the option to claim the offered Custom URL.

The offered Custom URL is usually based on the name of the Google+ Profile or Page. You will not have the option to request a specific Custom URL.

Also note that Google+ and YouTube now have separate Custom URL systems. Adding a Google+ Custom URL does not create a YouTube channel Custom URL, which has different eligibility requirements.

Read on for detailed instructions:

Eligibility requirements for a Google+ Custom URL

A Google+ Profile or Google+ Page must meet the same requirements to be offered a custom URL.
  • Ten or more followers 
  • Account is at least 30 days old
  • A profile photo
  • Account is in good standing
It does not need to have a cover image, a minimum number of posts. or be associated with a website (which previously was a requirement for Google+ Pages).

How to claim a Custom URL on Google+

Check to see if your Google+ Profile or Page is eligible for a Custom URL:

1. Sign in to Google+ on a computer and if you have a Google+ Page, switch to acting as manager

2. Click Profile on the left menu

3. If your Google+ Profile or Page is eligible for a Custom URL, there will be a grey banner under the cover image that says:
We've preapproved some custom URLs for your page/profile, including[example]

Note that there may be more than one custom URL option offered, but you will not be able to suggest a specific Custom URL that you want.

Claim a Custom URL

To claim the offered Custom URL

1. click the CLAIM URL button to open a new page with your Custom URL options

2. if you are offered more than one option, select the Custom URL you want

If you add a suffix to the offered Custom URL, the final URL will display at the top of the page, next to the Google+ icon:

3. Read the Google+ Custom URL Terms of Use

When you claim and use a custom URL, you must follow the Google Terms of Service, the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy, and the Google+ Pages Additional Terms of Service (if applicable), and meet the additional Google+ Custom URL terms. Take time to read those.

4. Agree to the Terms of Service

5. Click Save URL 

6. A warning will pop up - read it and Confirm URL

Note that even though it states the Custom URL cannot be changed, it can usually be changed (with some limitations).

And that's it!  Your Google+ profile and links to your posts will automatically display the new Custom URL.  Any old links using the 21-digit user ID should continue to work.

What if my Google+ Profile or Page isn't offered the Custom URL I want?

Sometimes the offered Custom URL will not be the one you want to use. For example in some cases you may be required to add a suffix to claim the Custom URL.

If that's the case, there isn't much you can do about it.

Keep in mind that the offered Custom URLs are usually based on the Profile or Page name, so if your desired Custom URL is different from the name, you may not get that offer.

Before you make any name changes, note that your name will display across Google products and services, including Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive. And as name changes are limited, you may need to wait 90 days before changing it again.

You can send feedback to Google+ using the Report an issue link on the left menu, but that does not guarantee that you will receive a new Custom URL offer.

In many cases, a new custom URL may be offered if you just wait, although that could take weeks (or not happen at all).

How to change your Google+ Custom URL

You can change your Google+ Custom URL up to 3 times per year. 

Before you change your Custom URL, keep in mind:
  • removing the old Custom URL does not make that URL available to other Google+ Profiles or Pages
  • any links to your profile or one of your posts  using the old Custom URL will be broken

Note that if you created your Google+ Page with a Google My Business listing, you will not have this option. You can try contacting Google My Business support for assistance.

Remove the current Google+ Custom URL

1. Sign in to Google+ on a computer and if you have a Google+ Page, switch to acting as manager

2. Click Profile on the left menu

3. On the cover image click ABOUT which opens the "About Me" page for the Profile's Google account or Page's Brand Account

4. Under Sites you should see your current Google+ Custom URL
If you have a YouTube channel Custom URL it will be listed there as well. Note that YouTube has   different Custom URL eligibility requirements. Changing your Google+ Custom URL will not change your YouTube channel's Custom URL.

5. On the Sites card click the edit pencil icon at top right

6. The Sites card editor will open. Click the X  to the right of the custom URL to remove it.

7. Read the warning information, and click CONTINUE

8.  Click OK at the bottom of the card to save the changes.

Once you have done that, any link using the old Custom URL will immediately stop working.

Add a new Custom URL

If your Google+ Profile or Page is then eligible for a new Custom URL, you will again see a banner on the profile notifying you that there is a Custom URL to claim.

For example, I changed the name of my Google+ Page from "Fun and Games"  with the URL +FunandGames to "Fun Games".

After removing the Custom URL, I see a new Custom URL offer on the Google+ Page's profile.

And when I click CLAIM URL I see the new options, including a Custom URL associated with the new name (+FunGames)  and the old Custom URL I can re-claim (+FunandGames).

But note that there is no guarantee you will be re-offered the old Custom URL or offered a different Custom URL.

Learn more in the Google+ Help Center: Get a Custom URL for your Google+ Profile


  1. Hi there,
    I have created the Google plus page from Google my business. Now I'm not able to change the custom URL. Can I get a way to do it please?

    1. Hi Chaitanya, your Google+ Page must be at least 30 days old and have at least 10 followers to be eligible for a Custom URL. There's more information here:


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