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Weekly Update - June 3, 2017: YouTube, AdSense, Better Ad Standards, Google+

New this week:
  • YouTube is rolling out updated Android and iOS apps, with improved navigation and organization.
  • YouTube Partners should pay attention to YouTube’s latest update to the advertiser-friendly content policies. There is also a free YouTube Creator Academy course to help make sure you know and understand those policies.
  • If you want to take your Google+ Collections to the next level, apply to the new Collections mentorship program
  • AdSense introduced page level enforcements and a new Policy center
  • Google introduced Funding Choices, which lets site visitors pay for an ad-free experience. That is part of Google’s support of Better Ad Standards. Publishers and websites should take heed: Chrome will be updated to stop showing ads on sites that don’t comply with those standards. Try the new Ad Experience Report to see how your website fares.
  • Google is using machine learning to block phishing attempts in Gmail and to automatically build charts in Google Sheets
Plus there are tips and updates for video creators (and watchers), live streamers, webmasters and bloggers, chatters, business owners, Android fans and more.


YouTube and Video Creators

  • YouTube Android app update: bottom navigation, new Library tab, and it remembers where you left off (YouTube)
  • Introducing the Activity tab for YouTube on iOS (YouTube)
  • Update on YouTube Advertiser-Friendly Content Policy (YouTube Creators)
  • YouTube Partners: take the new Creator Academy course to learn about making advertiser friendly content (YouTube Creators)
  • YouTube Kids is now available in Japan (YouTube Japan blog)
  • The state of the brand deal (Internet Creators Guild)
  • The Fair Use App - an educational tool for filmmakers & video creators (New Media Rights)
  • How to design your YouTube channel to best express your brand (Karen Kavett)
  • Create Facebook Video Playlists (Robert Wallis)

Go Live


  • Everything new on Google+ in May (Google+)
  • Do you want to improve your Google+ Collections? Apply to be mentored (Faith Tan)
  • On Loser Experience Design - designing platforms and products that aren’t just for winners, “influencers,” and “thought leaders.” (Matt LeMay)

Other social media

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Google Photos will now suggest photos to archive. (Google Photos)
  • The infinite now (Atlas Obscura)

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

  • AdSense introduces page level enforcements and a new Policy center - check your account! (Inside AdSense)
  • New: Funding Choices lets site visitors pay for an ad-free experience, part of Google's support of Better Ads Standards + Chrome will have built in ad-blocking (Google Blog)
  • Is it allowed to have ads from two AdSense Publishers on the same web page? (AdSense on YouTube)

Hangouts and Messaging

Android, Project Fi


Privacy and Security

More around the web

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