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Weekly Update, October 8, 2016: #madebygoogle, Google+, YouTube

At the big #madebygoogle  event on October 4th, Google announced some fancy new hardware to showcase their move to “AI-first”: Pixel phones, Google Home, Google WiFi, Daydream View VR viewer, and a new Chromecast.

While most of this week's updates are related to that, Google+ also changed the default post sort order in Communities, YouTube makes it easier to disclose paid promotion, and more for webmasters, business owners, Docs users and more!

Plus check out the Google+ Top Contributors and Rising Star at the #TCMeetup2016 in Mountain View and An overview video of the main day of #TCMeetups2016 in Mountain View
Image: Exclamation mark By Google -, Apache License 2.0,

Upcoming (and past)


YouTube and Video Creation

  • YouTube makes paid promotion disclosure easier (YouTube Creator blog)
  • YouTube Kids now available on Malaysia and the Philippines (Google Asia)
  • iOS Quick Actions Menu for the YouTube app (YouTube Forum)
  • Introducing spatial audio for 360-degree videos on Facebook (Facebook Media blog)
  • What is the maximum number of views YouTube can count on a single video? (CHM Tech)

Go Live

  • Add your Periscope account to your Twitter Profile (The Next Web)

Google+ and Spaces

  • Google is now sorting community posts by "relevance" by default, rather than chronologically (Danielle Buckley)
  • Google+ web update: turn off comment animation in your Stream, view poll results before you vote (Luke Wroblewski)

Other Social Media

  • Introducing the Events from Facebook App (Facebook Newsroom)
  • Facebook launches Marketplace, where you can sell your stuff (Facebook Newsroom)
  • The second life of Ello (Backchannel)
  • How to save your Instagram posts as drafts to edit and publish later (Krishna De, Instagram)

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Why the Pixel phone might be the ultimate camera (The Next Web)
  • I got to preview Mrs. Geeks Guide to Learning Google Photos

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

Hangouts and Messaging

Nexus, Android, Project Fi

(see the #madebyGoogle links above for all this week’s special announcements)


Privacy and Security

More around the web

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