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Weekly Update - October 29, 2016: Halloween tricks and treats

Many tech companies announced their third quarter earnings this week - and (not coincidentally) announced new hardware, software, and sadly some retirements.

This week's top updates:

  • Apple and Microsoft held special events, announcing new hardware and software
  • Twitter announced that Vine will be shut down
  • Just in time for Halloween: Facebook and Prisma demoed real time "masks" and artistic filters for live streams 
  • Google Allo got a bunch of updates, including Stranger Things stickers 
  • Google+ launched the new “Vanguard” program for Community Owners and opened a new Google+ Collections Community for India
Plus there are updates and tips for YouTube, Google+, webmasters, photographers, business owners, AdSense publishers, and much much more.

Image: my photo of Halloween Androids, all rights reserved


Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and more

YouTube and Video Creation (and video consumption!)

Go Live

Google+ and Spaces

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

Hangouts and Messaging

Nexus, Android, Project Fi


Privacy and Security

More around the web

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