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Weekly Update - September 17, 2016: YouTube Community, Google+ Scheduling, Cardboard Camera

My favorite updates this week:
  • YouTube introduced the new “Community” tab (on a limited number of channels)
  • You can now use social media management services like Hootsuite to schedule posts to Google+ Profiles
  • The Google Cardboard Camera app now lets you share your VR Images
Plus there are updates and tips for YouTube Analytics, Local Business owners, live streaming, AdSense, Google Photos, Gmail, Outlook and more. 

Other topics I'm following: 
  • Do Facebook's automated spam filters and removal of flagged content amount to censorship? (see "Other social media")
  • AdBlock Plus now sells ads  (see "AdSense and advertising")
  • Apple iMessage and Facebook Messenger as app platforms (see "Hangouts and Messaging")
  • The EU's proposed changes to copyright law - good, bad, terrible? (See "More around the web")
Image: Illustration by Ethel Franklin Betts for The Orphant Annie Book by James Whitcomb Riley (1908), in honor of all the storytellers on YouTube and Google+. 


YouTube and Video Creation

  • New Community on YouTube goes beyond video! (YouTube Creator Blog)
  • Update YouTube Creator Studio app gets actionable analytics insights (YouTube Creator blog)
  • Update YouTube Analytics updates the Realtime Report (see your top 25 vids!) and Demographics Report (Ted Hamilton)
  • New YouTube Player for Publishers, and the Digital News Initiative (Google Europe blog)
  • Tip How flagging content on YouTube works (YouTube Blog)
  • Would you have invested in YouTube? YouTube’s Original Pitch Deck (Tubefilter)

Go Live

  • Tip Hangouts on Air has moved to YouTube Live: How to get help 
  • Tip Embed the video player for your YouTube channel's live stream, no worries about the video URL changing (YouTube Gaming)
  • Tip Get a mobile notification when a channel goes live using the YouTube Gaming app
  • Tip Get notified when a Hangout on Air goes live by subscribing on YouTube
  • Update Facebook live streaming coming to the desktop (The Next Web)
  • Update Periscope introduces universal support for the iPad (Periscope)

Google+ and Spaces

  • New Schedule Google+ posts to your Profile with social media management tools like Hootsuite (John Kilcline)
    • If you want the option to schedule posts to Google+ Collections using Hootsuite, send feedback here!
  • Update Google+ iOS app update 6.0: easier profile modification, faster startup & stream loading (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip Why can't I comment on that Google+ post? (John Skeats)

Other social media

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Update Google Cardboard Camera: share your VR images from iOS and Android (Google Blog)
  • Update Google Photos 2.0: permanent album sorting (Android Authority)
  • Tip Use the Google Photos editing tools to enhance your business photos (Google Small Business)

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

  • Update AdWords has made it easier to manage and access multiple accounts (AdWords)
  • Tip How to get help with AdSense from inside your AdSense account (Inside AdSense)
  • Check out the #AskAdSense Q&A this week on Twitter and Google+
  • New AdBlock Plus now sells ads ?! (The Verge)

Hangouts and Messaging

Nexus, Android, Project Fi


Privacy and Security

  • Tip How to keep your accounts safe from social engineering attacks (Google)

More around the web

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