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Weekly Update - September 10, 2016: Hangouts, Google+, Apple

New this week: 
  • Apple announced the iPhone 7 - goodbye headphone jack! Plus there is a new Apple Watch, Super Mario and Pokemon and iOS10 coming soon.
  • You can now opt in to the new Hangout Chrome Extension experience, which is much like the Hangouts app. Note that everyone will be updated October 17th.
  • Google+ had multiple updates for the new web interface, including Chrome notifications, related Community suggestions and improved search auto-complete.
  • On Monday, September 12th Hangouts on Air will be moved to YouTube Live Events, so this is your last chance to run a HOA from Google+
Plus there are tips and updates for YouTube, Google+, Live Streaming, Bloggers and Webmasters, AdSense, Local Business Owners, Map users and much more!

Image: We’re heading into apple season - both the fruit and electronic kind. The image is a detail from Levi Wells Prentice’s Harvest



YouTube and Video Creation

Go Live

Google+ and Spaces

  • Update Google+ Web Update (September 9): Related Community suggestions, improved search autocomplete (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update Chrome browser notifications for Google+ (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update Share a Google+ post to Twitter! (Robert Wallis)
  • After 9 months of updates Google+ has been reincarnated (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip Jetpack for WordPress users: check your Google+ settings (Jetpack)
  • Tip Google+ Tip: create a private Collection for bookmarking (Terence Chang)
  • Tip Get help with Google+ from @GooglePlus , even when Google+ is down
  • Tip Google+ Tip: find post options under the 3 dot "kebab" menu (Alex Garcia)
  • Tip When a simple +1 isn't enough (an animated +1 GIF for commenting) (Google+)

Other social media

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Update Google Photos iOS: Live Photos smoother & more shareable, sort photos in albums, custom thumbnails for faces in People (Google Photos)
  • Update Snapseed: Android update and official help forum (Snapseed)

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

  • Tip How to get started with AdSense (Google AdSense)

Hangouts and Messaging

  • Update The new Chrome Hangouts Extension experience is like the App, but very different from the old extension

Nexus, Android, Project Fi

Update Android Nougat factory and OTA images are now available for the Nexus 6P (Android Police)
New Keeping Android safe: Security enhancements in Nougat (Android Developers blog)
New Google rebuilt a core part of Android to kill the Stagefright vulnerability for good (The Verge)
Let’s just admit Google's Project Ara was a terrible idea and move on (The Next Web)


More around the web

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