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Weekly Update - August 27, 2016: Nougat, Nexus, Live and more

The big news this week: Android 7.0 Nougat started rolling out. Plus Nexus devices will get WiFi Assistant - formerly a Project Fi-only feature.

Plus there are tips and updates for YouTube video watchers, live streamers, photographers, business owners, webmasters, Hangouts chatters, Project Fi-ers and more.

Image: Happy 100th birthday US National Park Service! Check out the 360-degree views of National Parks at Google Arts & Culture. The post image is from a United Airlines poster (no known copyright restrictions) uploaded to Flickr by the San Diego Air & Space Museum.


  • 29 August: Comments on private YouTube videos are going away
  • 31 August: New Hangouts Chrome extension experience
  • 6 September: Google Webmaster Central Office Hours in English
  • 7 September: Google+ Collections #FeatureFriday contest deadline: Connect with nature
  • 9 September: Google Webmaster Central Office Hours in English
  • 12 September: Hangouts on Air move from Google+ to YouTube

YouTube and Video Creation

  • Update YouTube gets an update for the big screen: Chromecast, Smart TV, game consoles make content easier to find (Engadget)
  • Update Instagram Launching Live “Events” Video Channel (Consumerist)
  • Tip YouTube Partners and AdSense Publishers: make sure your content is Advertiser-Friendly! (my blog post)
  • Tip Control YouTube playback with OK Google Voice Commands (Android Police)
  • Tip What happens to your video after you upload to YouTube? (Nat and Lo)
  • Tip What happens when you watch a YouTube video? (Nat and Lo)
  • Autoplay video is a plague that can't be stopped (The Next Web)

Go Live

Google+ and Spaces

  • Google+ Collections #FeatureFriday contest: Connect with nature (Faith Tan) 
  • Tip Use Google+ Communities to engage your customers and clients (Google for Work)
  • Update Spaces Chrome Extension 2.0 (Luke Wroblewski)

Other social media

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Tip The history of photography in 5 animated minutes (COOPH)
  • Tip Google Photos vs Apple Photos: which is better? (Gizmodo)

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

  • Update Google making changes to mobile search results: sites with intrusive interstitials won't rank as well (Google Webmasters)
  • Tip: Google Webmaster Central Office Hours (Aug 23) (Google Webmasters)
  • Tip Permanently delete your Blogger blog (Chuck Croll)

AdSense and advertising

  • Tip YouTube Partners and AdSense Publishers: make sure your content is Advertiser-Friendly! (my blog post)

Hangouts and Messaging

Nexus, Android, Project Fi


  • Update Google Drive for Android now creates file and folder shortcuts (Google Apps Updates)
  • Update Google URL shortener sees major redesign (David King)
  • New Microsoft acquires automated meeting scheduling app Genee (The Next Web)
  • Tip How to create citations and bibliography in Google Docs (or any word processor) (Plagiarism Today)
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