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Week in Review - July 2, 2016: Nougat, Google+5, Album Archive

Lots new this week in the Googleverse: Android N is officially Nougat, Google+ turned 5, the Google Album Archive launched (goodbye Picasa Web Albums), the new Google “My Activity” page shows your history, Google Small Business community has a new home and more!

There were also a number of updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch for business, brands, live broadcasters, and writers.

Contacting Turkey in the aftermath of the Istanbul Airport attack (mostly through July 5th)
Photo by me, taken on the #G+5BayArea photowalk. Check out Nina Trankova’s great Collection of Google+ 5th anniversary posts.


YouTube and Video Creation

Go Live

Google+ and Google Spaces

  • Update Google+ web preview update: Recently visited Communities, Collection Follower Counts (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip See how many people are following your Google+ collections (Robert Wallis)
  • Update It's now easier to add the Google Spaces Chrome extension (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Some tasty G+ 5th birthday cover art for you (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Happy 5th birthday Google+! Good times on Google+! (me)
  • Google+ tip: set the audience of your post (Alex Garcia)

Other social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

Hangouts and Mobile Messaging

Nexus and Android

Privacy and Security


Google Search

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