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Week in Review - July 16, 2016: Hangouts, Project Fi, Pokémon GO

This week Google Hangouts got some long-awaited updates. It’s now possible to invite people to group chats with a link, taking the pain out of invitations. And if someone gets unruly, you can kick them out of the conversation. Hangouts 11 for iOS was also released and Hangouts 11 for Android is starting to roll out. The biggest changes are in the Android app, with the introduction of video messaging (yay!), and the removal of merged conversations (boo!).

There have also been updates for the Google+ iOS app and Google+ Create program, Google and YouTube explained how much revenue it’s sending to the entertainment industry while fighting piracy, Project Fi now offers international high speed data, and the Republican and Democratic conventions will be live streamed.

It’s also been a hard week, Susan Wojcicki asked YouTube creators to use their voice to "help us all figure out how to live together in respect." And Google and mobile carriers are offering free calls to France in the wake of the attack in Nice.

Call France for free

Finally, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Pokémon GO was released this week. (Is there a Pokémon that lives under a rock?) It’s not only amazingly popular - it’s caught the imagination of the tech press, so lots of related stories this week.

Image: My computer is infested with Pokémon!


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