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Week in Review - March 5, 2016: Google Photos, Google+, YouTube and more

This week Google Photos got a major makeover with easier navigation and faster editing and cropping on the web. Google+ updated the iOS app and web preview, which finally shows your intro, tagline and story. And the YouTube Policy Team posted a special note to creators - they are listening.

Also new and interesting: “Google Posts” are Google+-like posts that only appear in search results (limited to politicians and a few businesses at the moment), Google Design launches the “Resizer” tool to test responsive layouts, and Google Docs, Slides & Sheets got new expert-designed templates.

And there are more tips and updates for YouTubers, live broadcasters, Bloggers, AdSense Publishers, and more!

Image: Young Girl Lying Down Looking at an Album, c.1889, Edgar Degas


  • Update G+ iOS update: create polls & communities, reply to YouTube comments and more (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update Google+ web preview update: better Collection sharing, post pinning, search history & more (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update "About" intro, tag line and story returns to the new Google+ (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update Is Google Finally Nuking Unverified Local Plus Pages? (Mike Blumenthal)
  • Tip Google+ tip: credit the content you share! (Sooraj Wadhwa)

Google for Local Businesses


  • A note from the YouTube Policy team to creators: YouTube is listening to your feedback (YT Spencer and the Policy Team)
  • Tip A: Does your YouTube channel not have tabs or show much? If so- read (YouTube Help Forum)
  • Tip How To DISABLE YouTube Channel Navigation Tabs (video by The Lady From UNCLE)
  • Tip Phone verify your YouTube channel to enable longer uploads, live streaming and other features (YouTube Help video)
  • New Seven young women YouTuber stars from around the world named Change Ambassadors to the UN (Tubefilter)
  • New YouTube's New Content Program Targets Women Filmmakers (Jezebel)

Live Streaming

Google Photos and VR

  • Update Google Photos update: Faster editing and cropping on the web (Google Photos)
  • New Easier navigation in the Google Photos app: Collections is now Albums + shortcuts to videos, people and more - also on desktop (Google Photos & Whiskey Schultze)
  • New Google Photos app gets a bottom navigation bar, just like Google+ (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Google Photos gets the Disney Zootopia treatment (Joseph Smarr)
  • New Google adds VR section to Google Store, starts selling Cardboard Viewers (Android Police)

Bloggers and Webmasters


  • Tip What to do when your AdSense earnings start dropping (Inside AdSense blog)



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