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Week in Review - March 12, 2016: Google+Create, Google Blogs, Android N

Spring is on the horizon and change is in the air! This week Google+ launched the Google+Create program to showcase inspiring creators, the Android G+ app now has better Circle Stream access, and Chris Poole (4chan’s moot) joined Google.

All Google’s official blogs are migrating from to their own domain - but they are still hosted by Blogger. And the Android N Developer Preview is available - join the Android Beta program to try it out.

Other nice updates: Project Fi no longer requires an invite (but it's still US only), YouTube Gaming has improved navigation and is available in more countries, you can export your Google Docs documents in EPUB format, and now it’s easier to plan a trip in the Google Now app. Plus more updates, tips and articles!

Image: Xpogo riders synchronize no-handed backflips in Rio, Brazil by Xpogo on Wikipedia, shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Security and Privacy

  • Tip Google accounts are owned by individuals - make sure your account is secure, recoverable, and not in the hands of your school or employer (The Lady from UNCLE)
  • Article Privacy and your Google account (Googler Brian White)

Google+ (and other social media)


  • Update YouTube Gaming update: app available in more countries, better navigation, new browse pages and more! (YouTube)
  • Tip Have you subscribed to the YouTube Help channel?
  • Tip Tax tips for YouTube Partners (Tubefilter)

Live Streaming

Google Photos

Hangouts and Messaging

Bloggers and Webmasters

Android and Nexus

Project Fi


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