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Week in Review - December 19, 2105: YouTube for Good, Google+ updates, Fi for tablets

Google, Twitter and Facebook look back at 2015. YouTube introduces Donation Cards, Project Fi offers data only SIMs, new Google+ updates for desktop and iOS, and Open Live Writer now supports Blogger. Plus updates and tips for Live Streamers, YouTube Creators, Google+ Collectors, AdSense Publishers, readers, travelers and Nexus lovers.

Image: Christmas Cookies by Kristin Ausk on Flickr, shared under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

The year in social media

YouTube and Facebook Video

  • Update: YouTube retiring webcam capture January 16th. Alternatives: your computer's webcam or camera app or a private Hangout on Air (YouTube)
  • New! YouTube for Good: US Creators can support nonprofits with donation cards (YouTube)
  • New! Facebook video players now run on HTML5 - bye bye Flash (Facebook Engineering Blog)
  • Tip YouTube Creators: making videos isn't free! Create a budget that takes into account hidden expenses (YouTube Creator Academy)
  • Tip 10 tips for video publishing from Facebook Pages (Facebook blog)

Live Streaming


  • Update Google+ iOS update with improved comments, Circle streams, notifications, follower count and more. Keep sending feedback! (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update Google+ Web Preview update: single click to +1, date stamps, more post reporting options (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip Have questions about Google+ Collections in the new Google+? Ask Professor Sooraj! (Sooraj Wadhwa)
  • Tip For people who still think Google+ is a network not worth bothering with. You are doing it wrong. (Robert Wallis)
  • Tip Google+ Preview Tip: Don't accidentally share your post to a Community (John Skeats)
  • Update #NotGoogle+: Improving the names process on Facebook (Facebook Newsroom) Commentary by Allen Firstenberg (tl;dr real names still required, process slightly less terrible for reported profiles)

Google for Local Businesses

  • New Google My Business: new guidelines require 3rd parties to transfer ownership on request and encourage business owners to own their Local Business Pages (Tim Capper)
  • Update Google My Business updates guidelines for business hours (Joy Hawkins)

Google Photos

  • Tip Google Photos shared album FAQ (Google Photos help forum)
  • Tip 3 steps to creating moody black & white photos (Snapseed)



  • Quick and easy solutions to policing the content on your site for AdSense compliance (AdSense)


Project Fi, Nexus and Android

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