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Week in Review - December 12: Shared Photo Albums, Blogger Featured Posts, Trending YouTube Videos

So.many.updates! Shared albums on Google Photos, Featured Post gadget on Blogger, Trending videos on YouTube, new emoji in Android 6.0.1, Reminders in Google Calendar, plus updates for the Google+ web preview, YouTube Gaming, AdSense mobile ads, the Pixel C Android tablet and much more.

It’s that time of the year...
Now is the time to sign up for the Christmas Bird Count!

Image: Purple Finch from The birds of America : from drawings made in the United States and their territories (1840) by : Audubon, John James and Bowen, John T.,


  • Update Google+ web preview update: Animated GIFs, pin posts in Collections, clearer indication of notifications, visible Community categories and more! (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update Google+ Android app update: bug fixes, full screen notifications, and more (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip New Google+ Tip: Don't Share to Communities by Mistake (John Skeats)
  • Tip Don't let this happen to you: deleting a Collection deletes all posts in that Collection (Alex Garcia)
  • Article Facebook Kills Creative Labs and the Slingshot, Rooms, and Riff apps (Eli Fennell)


  • Update YouTube Gaming update: easier setup for new users, improved search, explore and navigation, improved mobile capture and more! (r/youtubegaming)
  • New! Meet the YouTube Trending tab (YouTube Trends blog)
  • New! Google Play Music - and YouTube Red - family plan!
  • Tip Use YouTube Restricted Mode as a parental control setting (YouTube Help channel)
  • Tip Marketers and small businesses: Moderate comments on your Instagram videos to protect your brand's image (ReelSEO)

Live Streaming and Hangouts on Air

  • Tip Promote scheduled live broadcasts with an Upcoming Live Streams Section on your YouTube channel
  • Tip Create a custom post that automatically shares to social media when your YouTube Live Event or Hangout on Air goes live

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