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Convert a Google+ brand Page to a Google+ Local Page: Get on the map

Google will be shutting down Google+ for consumer accounts on April 2, 2019. All Google+ Pages will be deleted at that time. Back up your Google+ Page data before then.
Update November 2015: with the move to the new Google+, "Local" Pages no longer have any special business-related features. All Google+ Pages look the same.

Google+ Pages come in two main flavors: there are Google+ Pages for brands, organizations, bands, and online businesses and there are Google+ Local Pages that represent a business offline location.  Local Pages can appear on Google Maps and let customers post reviews.

So what can you do if you created the wrong type of Page for your business? Or you inadvertently ended up with both a Local page and a non-Local page?

While it is not possible to merge Google+ Pages, you can now convert a Google+ brand Page into a Google+ Local Page. 

According to the official announcement, this option is only open to Google+ brand Pages that represent a single customer-facing location.

In order to connect a page to Google Maps, it must represent a local business (i.e. have an address) and meet our quality guidelines. You can only connect a plus page to a single location on maps, so a page representing a brand can't be connected to multiple locations at this time.

You can find detailed instructions on how to convert your Google+ brand Page to a Local page in the Google Business Help Center:

Connect a page to Google Maps: I’ve already created a page for my business, but it’s not connected to Google Maps

Mike Blumenthal has also written an excellent overview of what changes and what doesn't change during this process.

What happens to your YouTube channel?

Your YouTube channel should remain connected to its Google+ Page. You can move your YouTube channel to a different Google+ Page.

Use this contact form for assistance with Google+ on YouTube :

How can I delete an unwanted Google+ Page?

To delete a Google+ brand Page, you will first need to either disconnect or delete any connected YouTube channel.

Once your Google+ Page is disconnected from YouTube, you can open your Google+ Page's settings and choose the option to delete your Page. Note that this cannot be undone!

You can get full instructions in the Google+ help center: Delete your Google+ Page

How do I get help with my Google+ Local Page?

You can get direct assistance with your business's local Google listing by going to the Business help center and clicking "Contact Us" in the upper right corner.


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