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Find your Inbox after linking your YouTube channel to Google+

Update July 2018: YouTube removed the Messages inbox from Creator Studio. You can message friends using the newer Messages system.

Update December 2016: YouTube now has its own notification bell. It does not include Messages. 

Update December 2014: the old YouTube Inbox is now gone. Find your private messages at

Update July 2014: the Inbox is being retired. Learn abouthe new private Messages and how to download your Inbox, create a Google+ circle from your Contacts, and message groups.

Update November 6, 2013: With the introduction of Google+ comments, you will see new comment notifications in your Google+ notifications - the bell icon at the top of the page - rather than your YouTube inbox.

Update January 7, 2013: The Inbox link in the left menu has moved under the "Community" heading, rather than under the "Video Manager" heading. This is now the case whether your channel is connected to Google+ or not.  You can also navigate to your inbox directly at

When you link your YouTube channel to Google+, likely one of the first things you'll notice is that the navigation menu that appears when you click your channel icon has changed. There are some new navigation options for Google+ and some of the YouTube navigation links are missing, including the direct link to your YouTube channel's Inbox.

(Note: As of January 2013, the Inbox link is no longer in the top menu for any channels.)

Where the Inbox link used to be found
Menu after linking your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page.
Note the Inbox link is missing.

How do you find your YouTube Inbox?

Your YouTube Inbox isn't missing, it's just a bit harder to get to. Your options include:
  • go to your Video Manager (, click the "Community" heading, then click the link to your Inbox in the sidebar menu

  • When you receive a notification that you have a new comment or direct message you can click the link to your Inbox in the email message.

    Note that if your YouTube account manages multiple channels, you must be signed into the YouTube channel that received the message in your browser for the link in the notification email to take you to the correct Inbox. If you routinely receive notifications for several YouTube channels, clicking the emailed link may take you to the wrong channel's Inbox, which is bound to be annoying. If that's your situation, you may need to visit the Inboxes of your different channels directly.

Hopefully you'll end up in the correct Inbox.
(Last update: March 2019)