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Live Google Product Expert Program panel and 2022 PE Summit recap

 Join me and some of my fellow Google Product Experts live with Michael Daniels and Heather Kraafter on the Tinkering with Tech show, Wednesday, July 13, at 6PM Eastern. 

This week's Tinkering with Tech show is a very special episode filled with a whole panel of special guests and fun surprises. Join the discussion live to enjoy the fun or watch the replay, your choice.

I have been a Google Product Expert (formerly Top Contributor) since 2010, which seems a lifetime ago. 

My own journey through the program started in the AdSense help forum. From there I started answering AdSense questions in the YouTube and Blogger forums, along with account and other product questions. From YouTube I ended up in the Google+ forum (RIP), helping with Hangouts when that launched, and then with Google Fi and Google Meet. 

I'm especially interested in the issues that involve the integration between products, like AdSense linking to YouTube, Google+ Pages (now Brand Accounts), the old Hangouts on Air (Hangouts + Google+ + YouTube) and so forth. 

So that's my PE story.  I'm currently a "Diamond" PE for Meet and YouTube, "Platinum" PE for Hangouts & Chat, Blogger and Google Fi, and a "Gold" PE for AdSense and Accounts. See my PE Profile.

Learn more about the Google Product Expert Program here.

And if you need help with a Google product or service, start here.

2022 PE Summit

In the last week of June I attended the Google PE Program Americas Summit in New York City. This was the first in-person meetup since 2019, which made it especially fun. 

Watch video fromnprevious Google PE Summits here.

I was able to spend a little extra time exploring in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC as well. I did not buy anything at the Google Store there.

Here is my quick recap of my trip starting from SFO (watch in the YouTube Shorts player): 

And this is the official recap video (watch on YouTube):  

This was a regional summit, with English PEs from the Americas and Europe, Middle East, and Africa. There are more regional summits later this year for PEs who help in other languages and live in other regions.


  1. The Americas event was exceptionally spectacular and valuable! Glad we met in person again, after two years of virtual events only. Excellent repac. Peggy! Thank you for sharing your Google Product Experts experience and impressions from new York City! See you again next year!

    1. It was really excellent! And it was wonderful to meet in person again.


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