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Accentuate the positive on YouTube: Learn@Home and Stay Home #WithMe

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has many of us limited to our homes for at least the next few weeks. YouTube has launched new with content to keep us all learning and entertained. 

Learn@Home and YouTube Learning offer educational content for kids, families and adults. And the #StayHome #WithMe initiative asks creators to make fun and informative videos for folks stuck at home, who might want someone to cook with, jam with, craft with, work out with or just hang out with. 

Plus there are special new emoji you can use in livestream and Premiere live chats. 

Learn@Home and YouTube Learning

The new Learn@Home site ( features educational channels in the arts, science, math, history and more. They are organized by age group, with channels aimed at preschoolers, kids 5 and up and teens. 

The site also offers additional educational resources, with learning schedules and topical playlists. 

Curious teens and adults should also check out the YouTube Learning channel, that highlights all sorts of educational content, from coding to fitness to art. It also highlights tips on how to study. 

This is currently only available in English, but will soon add content in Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and more. 

How can creators contribute content? The content and channels on Learn@Home and YouTube Learning pages is curated by YouTube. There isn't any option to submit your own educational content to YouTube. 

Stay Home #WithMe

The official YouTube channel features Stay Home #WithMe content

YouTube has launched a new initiative for creators to create content that encourages others to "Stay Home #WithMe" ( The idea is to create videos that teach, entertain, inspire or otherwise engage viewers who are at home. 

The official YouTube Channel is currently featuring a number of Stay Home #WithMe playlists:
How can creators contribute content? Create videos with fun and informational content, and add the hashtag #StayHome or #WithMe. YouTube has some tips for making sure your COVID-19-related content is factual, sensitive, and advertiser-friendly.

Special Live Chat emojis

YouTube now has special life-in-the-time-of-coronavirus emojis you can use in live chats on live broadcasts and Premiere videos.
Add any of the emoji codes below - including the colons - in a live chat and the emoji will automatically appear.

:stayhome:   :stayhome:
:dothefive:   :dothefive:
:washhands:   :washhands: 
:elbowcough:   :elbowcough: 
:elbowbump:  :elbowbump: 
:shelterin:   :shelterin: 
:socialdist:   :socialdist:
:virtualhug:  :virtualhug: 
:goodvibes:  :goodvibes: 
:thanksdoc:  :thanksdoc: 
:yougotthis:  :yougotthis: 
:videocall:  :videocall: 
:chillwdog:   :chillwdog: 
:chillwcat:   :chillwcat: 
:learning:    :learning: 
:sanitizer:   :sanitizer:
:takeout:   :takeout: 
:hydrate:  :hydrate:

Virtual hugs to all of you out there. I hope you and yours stay well!


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