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Weekly Update - November 2, 2019: Internet is 50, Site Kit, Twitter Ad Policy

The internet was born 50 years ago this week, and everyone is reminiscing. You can learn how it all started, read Vint Cerf’s top moments in internet history and argue about the 50 most important websites of all time. T he question is how long it will take until we have a truly “invisible internet”?

This week, on our still “visible” internet there are tips and updates for webmasters, YouTubers, podcasters, and much more.
Read on for more news, updates and tips for businesses, advertisers, Chrome users and more.
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Image: Day of the Dead is a time to remember family members and friends who have died. It’s celebrated in Mexico and by people of Mexican heritage. Decorated altars often include orange marigolds. Photo by sarangib on pixabay. (Free for commercial use)


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