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Weekly Update - September 23, 2017: YouTube Sponsorship, Project Fi Phone, Google+ Bulk Moderation

This week there are updates and tips for YouTubers, live streamers, Google Plussers, webmasters, advertisers, photographers and much more!
  • YouTube announced a new way for Creators to make money: Sponsorships. Fans can sponsor your channel for a small amount each month, and in return they get access to private chats, custom live chat badge and emoji and more. The catch? Sponsorships are currently only available to gaming channels. If you don’t have a gaming channel, you can submit an interest form .
  • While YouTube said hello to Sponsorships, it bid goodbye to Paid channels and videos. Current paid channels will only be available through the end of November.
  • Also this week, the YouTube Video Editor and Photo Slideshows was retired. While there are decent free video editing apps for Windows, Mac and most mobile devices, creators with Chromebooks unfortunately have few alternative options. 
  • The YouTube Creator Studio app is now officially YT Studio, and has some nice new features, including post scheduling and a prominent subscriber-count card. And, speaking of subscriber counts, there is now more detailed subscriber reports in YouTube Analytics.
  • Should game content owners be able to revoke permission to stream Let's Play videos? Even if you don’t care for PewDiePie’s shtick, it seems a little much for game companies to use a copyright takedown, rather than clearly stated license terms, to prevent their game from being associated with offensive content are overstepping their bounds. 
  • Google+ Community Moderators can now moderate Ask-to-Join requests in bulk
  • G Suite Admins can now set restrictions on what content people interact with and share on Google+.
  • Google announced an affordable new phone for Project Fi, the Android One moto x4, which is only available in the United States on the Project Fi network. There is also a new trade-in program that lets your trade in your old phone for money towards a new moto x4.
  • Outside the Googleverse, Facebook has been increasingly under fire for the automated advertising sales including selling political ads to a “Russian entity” and allowing ad-targeting to “Jew haters” and other offensive categories.
    In response, Facebook has agreed to provide the political ads sold to the Russian propagandists and “related information” to a US Congressional investigation. To prevent similar issues in the future, they will make political advertising more transparent and strengthen their ad review process. They also removed the offensive ad targeting option, and say they will not add new targeting options without human approval. We're not obsolete quite yet.
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Image: Happy Autumn! Leaf Hydrangea paniculata in autumn. By Dominicus Johannes Bergsm(a Licence CC-BY-SA)


YouTube and Video Creation

  • YouTube bid goodbye to Paid Channels and videos in favor of the new Sponsorships (YouTube)
  • YouTube Studio app gets new features: schedule posts & more (YouTube Creators)
  • YouTube Analytics Subscriber report update: more detailed data and categories (YouTube)
  • Should game content owners be able to revoke permission to stream Let's Play videos?

Go Live

  • Sponsorships are a new way to earn money with YouTube Gaming (YouTube Creators)
  • Introducing Face Filters in Live (Instagram Blog)


  • Google+ update for Community moderators: Bulk moderation of Ask-to-Join requests (Leo Deegan)
  • Google+ G Suite update: Set restrictions on what content people interact with and share on Google+ (G Suite Updates)
  • How to disable comments and reshares of your Google+ Profile Photo (Google+ Top Contributors)

Other social media

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Google Photos now lets iOS11 users back up HEIF photos and HEVC videos (Google Photos)
  • Snapseed 2.18 for Android and iOS: Fresh UI, custom “Looks” filters and presets (Snapseed)

Google for businesses

  • Join Google My Business Top Contributors for a Q&A (Joy Hopkins) 
  • Google Partners Academy on Air: Useful tips for the holiday season - search and shopping campaigns

Bloggers and Webmasters

  • Search in the new Google Sites (G Suite Updates)
  • Google Webmaster Central Office Hours Hangout (September 19) (Google Webmasters)
  • Google Webmaster Central Office Hours Hangout (September 22) (Google Webmasters)

AdSense and advertising

Hangouts and Messaging

Made by Google, Android, Project Fi

Productivity (Email, Browsers, Maps, Search and more)

Privacy and Security

More around the web

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