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Week in Review - February 6, 2016: Google+, Google Photos, Android Wear

This week there were Google+ updates for iOS and web, new features in Google Photos on desktop, Hangouts appeared in the Google App Launcher and Android Wear gets a major update. Plus there are tips and updates for YouTube creators, small business owners, webmasters, and more.

This week’s kaleidoscope gridiron image honors of the great American holiday, Super Bowl Sunday. We gather to eat tasty snacks, drink cold beverages and watch ads. Also a football game is played.


Other Social Media

Local Businesses on Google

Google Photos

YouTube and Video Creators


Android, Nexus, Project Fi

Productivity and Search


Posted by Peggy K


  1. This is another great post loaded with useful links, Peggy. I'm especially fond of the fun, light-hearted approach you've taken this week with the Super Bowl. You've got some great humor and links that make me smile.

    This week I'm especially grateful for your link to Robert Wallis's article. He offered a really cool, and creative, way to approach G+ Collections (much different than other tips I've read).
    Plus the links to Google Photos, YouTube Creator Academy, and Deepak Kamut kept me learning and smiling.
    Thank you.


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