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Week in Review - January 30, 2016: Hangouts, AI, VR and more

After the holiday freeze, things are picking up this week! Google's AI beat an expert Go player, Hangouts version 7 rolled out, Google built their VR team, and Facebook opened mobile live streaming to all.  Plus there were updates to the Google+ Android app, a new AdWords iOS app, tips and tools for AMP webpages, international updates for Google Calendar and the Google Search app, and tips for Google Photos, AdSense, YouTube, Android, and more.

Image: Monkeys and Rabbits Playing Go by Settei Hasegawa (1878)


  • Update Google+ Android update: tap the bottom bar to scroll to the top of you Home Stream, plus bug fixes and more (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip See who follows your Google+ Collection (Sooraj Wadhwa)
  • Tip Google+ tip: how to follow or unfollow a Collection (Sooraj Wadhwa)
  • Play Games Permissions are changing in 2016 - Google+ Profile no longer required (Google Developers blog)

Photos and VR

  • Tip Have you tried all the Google Photos features? (How to Geek)
  • Tip Take and share photo spheres with Google Street View
  • Update YouTube now has a global Virtual Reality evangelist (Re/Code)
  • Article VR for everyone: (Un)folding a virtual journey with Google Cardboard
  • Update The head of Twitter short-video sharing service Vine has joined the Google VR team (The Verge)
  • Article Apple reportedly has a ‘secret’ team of hundreds of employees working on VR (The Next Web)

YouTube and video creators

Live Broadcasting

  • New Periscope + GoPro + iPhone for active - but less social - livestreaming (Mashable)
  • New Facebook opens live streaming to all in the US with an iPhone (Facebook Newsroom)
  • Update Blab for iOS update - also looking for beta testers


  • Update Hangouts 7 for Android rolling out: quick reply from notifications, conversation pinning, better retry logic and more (Amit Fulay)
  • Update Reply directly to Hangouts notifications with the updated Android app (The Verge)
  • Update Hangouts 7 for iOS: hide message content in notifications and more
  • Tip Hangouts easter egg ¯\(ツ)/¯ (Sage LaTorra)
  • Tip Hangouts for gaming: roll (virtual) dice! 




  • New Introducing the AdWords app for iOS (Inside AdWords blog)
  • Tip Google Consumer Surveys help you find out what customers think of your small business (Google Small Business)



Security and Privacy

And more!

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  1. The amount of really cool stuff you have linked here is impressive, Peggy. I'm particularly psyched about - and thankful for - the Photos, Hangouts, and Productivity tips. Awesome stuff!


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