Friday, October 25, 2013

Delete your Google+ Profile in haste and lose your YouTube channel? You can recover it!

Did you delete your Google+ Profile without first disconnecting your YouTube channel and only then realize that your YouTube channel was now gone as well? Don't panic!

The Lady from Uncle explains how to recover your YouTube channel by first temporarily restoring your Google+ Profile:

How To Restore Your YouTube Channel After Google+ Profile Deactivation

She has also created a "how to" video if you'd like to watch how to restore your channel step by step: How To Reenable A YouTube Channel After Google+ PROFILE Deleted

A few additional things to keep in mind:

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Enable external website from your Google+ Page-linked YouTube channel

From the YT TC Blog: External annotations to Blogspot blogs

If your YouTube channel is linked to a Google+ Page, you may find it tricky to set up external annotations your Blogger blog or additional websites. In my experience, this isn't limited to just Blogger or blogspot blogs, it's an issue with associating any website with your YouTube channel after you've linked it to a Google+ Page.

The trick is adding the special username for your Google+ Page as an owner of your blog in Webmaster tools. Once you've done that, your blog will automatically be associated with your Google+ Page-linked YouTube channel.

See YouTube TC Andrew Bossom's post that shows you step-by-step how to associate your Google+ Page-linked YouTube channel with your Blogger blog.

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How to reapply for AdSense from YouTube and Blogger if your application is disapproved

Useful information for YouTube Partners:

Helpful Information for Newbies: Reapplying for AdSense from YouTube and Blogger

If you previously applied for AdSense and had your application disapproved, you may not be able to change your YouTube channel or Blogger blog URL on your AdSense application. The solution? Submit a new application for AdSense from your Blogger earnings tab or your YouTube channel's monetization settings using a different or new Google account. Once you have an approved AdSense account, you can then add your current Google account email as an administrator of the account.

 Learn how to apply for AdSense from YouTube or Blogger using a new Google account.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Use your YouTube channel art as your Google+ Page cover photo

Update 11/13/13: Google+ has updated the look of the Profile or Page cover image, so that now the entire image is displayed when you view a profile on a desktop computer. The article is in the process of being updated with new screenshots.

When you link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Profile or Google+ Page, you may want to give your channel and Google+ presence a similar look. Just as you can use your YouTube channel icon as your Google+ profile photo, you can replace the default Google+ cover photo with your YouTube channel's banner image.

What to consider:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Find your Inbox after linking your YouTube channel to Google+

Update December 2014: the old YouTube Inbox is now gone. Find your private messages at

Update July 2014: the Inbox is being retired. Learn abouthe new private Messages and how to download your Inbox, create a Google+ circle from your Contacts, and message groups.

Update November 6, 2013: With the introduction of Google+ comments, you will see new comment notifications in your Google+ notifications - the bell icon at the top of the page - rather than your YouTube inbox.

Update January 7, 2013: The Inbox link in the left menu has moved under the "Community" heading, rather than under the "Video Manager" heading. This is now the case whether your channel is connected to Google+ or not.  You can also navigate to your inbox directly at

When you link your YouTube channel to Google+, likely one of the first things you'll notice is that the navigation menu that appears when you click your channel icon has changed. There are some new navigation options for Google+ and some of the YouTube navigation links are missing, including the direct link to your YouTube channel's Inbox.

(Note: As of January 2013, the Inbox link is no longer in the top menu for any channels.)

Where the Inbox link used to be found
Menu after linking your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page.
Note the Inbox link is missing.

How do you find your YouTube Inbox?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where's my YouTube inbox and why do I have a new channel? Google+ linking explained.

YouTube forum top contributor Andrew Bossom (aka rewboss), has a great post that shares his experience linking his YouTube channel to a Google+ Page, explaining step-by-step what's happening and - importantly - some of the unexpected side effects of linking your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page.

Read Linking YouTube and Google+

(This is also a test of Google+ post embedding. If you see my Google+ post below, you can comment there directly.)

YouTube is not forcing you to use your full real name. Really!

Update July 15, 2014: Google+ has removed most limitations on Google+ Profile names. Now you can create a Google+ Profile with almost any name, handle, brand or business name. Learn more in the Google+ Help Center.
Ever since YouTube started asking people to link their YouTube channel to Google+, people have been YouTube help forum that they are angry, frustrated and confused that YouTube is trying to force them to change their YouTube channel's title to their real name.

They point out that using your real name on YouTube means that would make it difficult promote your channel's brand, and that posting videos and comments with your real name not only feels like an invasion of privacy and can even be a security issue.

On the flip side, there has been considerable hype around the introduction of Google+ comments on YouTube channels coming from people (and even well known tech sites) who think that it's going to require people to use their real names.

If YouTube were forcing people to use their real name, I would be upset too. Fortunately that's not the case.

For most YouTube channels, the best way to link your YouTube channel to Google+ without using your real name is to link your channel to a Google+ Page.  But there are a few options that allow you to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Profile that does not use your full name.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Keep your old YouTube channel icon after linking to Google+

Your YouTube channel icon is like a calling card. It not only appears on your channel, but when your subscribers are browsing your recent activity, next to your comments, when your channel is featured and so forth. Your channel icon represents you on YouTube.

<- My awesome YouTube channel icon

But now you've linked your channel to Google+ and suddenly your channel icon has been replaced by a generic blue image:

Those are the default images for a Google+ Page or Google+ Profile. You can change that default icon to your own custom image. And if you know which box to tick during the Google+ linking process, you won't lose your original YouTube icon at all.

Monday, October 7, 2013

How to recover your deleted Google account and YouTube channel

The integration of Google+ and YouTube can be confusing, and sometimes folks assume that they can just delete their Google+ Profile and start over. Unfortunately, when you delete a Google+ Profile that is linked to a YouTube channel, your YouTube channel will be suspended (but can pretty easily be recovered).

Unfortunately if you delete your entire Google account, rather than just your Google+ Profile, recovering your YouTube channel can be much more complicated. Recovery of your YouTube channel requires you first restore your Google account, and only then can your YouTube channel possibly be restored.