Sunday, March 30, 2014

I can't sign in to my YouTube channel or Blogger blog! How to recover access.

Note: as of August 2014 the method described for recovering YouTube channels is no longer available. The Blogger recovery method still works.

Are you having trouble signing in to YouTube or Blogger? If you created your channel or blog long ago, you may have even forgotten the email you used to sign in to the account. That can be quite frustrating, because that email address is your account's username.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Set a password for your Google+ Page and connected YouTube channel

Note: As of September 2016 it appears it is no longer possible to set a password for a Page. Direct sign-in to a Page's Brand Account still works if the password was set before this change. It's not clear whether this feature will made available to new Pages in the future.

Have you set a password for your Google+ Page? 

If your primary identity is your Google+ Page and YouTube channel name, rather than your personal "real name" Google+ Profile, setting a password for your Page lets you use that identity across the internet.

What you may not realize is that a Google+ Page has it's own special limited Google account that is owned and managed by your primary Google account. And when your YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ Page, the channel is moved to that Page's Google account.

If you set a password for your Google+ Page's account, you can use it to sign into Google directly, allowing you to act on the internet with your Google+ Page identity.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blogger Pages Gadget: Add a menu to your blog

The Blogger Pages gadget lets you add a list of links to your blog's static Pages, dynamic content or external websites. You can use the Pages gadget to add a menu at the top of your blog.

+Blogger recently changed the way blog Pages are managed. Blogger has always offered two different options: create a static Page with your own content, or create a Page that redirects to a page with dynamic content or an external web address.

While management of static Pages with your own content is much simpler now, it's a bit more complicated to add a Page that's simply a link. But the option hasn't disappeared!

Now Link Pages are managed through the Pages gadget in your blog's Layout.

What type of links can you add?

  • your blog's static Pages
  • your blog's dynamic content (such as all posts with a particular label)
  • your YouTube channel, Facebook Page, ReverbNation profile or other social media site
  • your Cafe Press or Zazzle store
  • any other external website you want to point your blog's visitors to

You can also use the Pages gadget to add a navigation menu to your Blogger blog.