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Delete your Google+ YouTube Comments

If you posted a YouTube comment between November 6, 2013 and early August 2015, it's a Google+ comment. There are several ways you can delete Google+ YouTube comments on either your desktop computer or mobile device (deleting old pre-Google+ comments is a bit more complicated).

You can delete (or edit) Google+ YouTube comments in one of several ways:
  1. Delete the YouTube comment post from your Google+ Page or Profile
  2. Delete the comment from the YouTube video watch page
  3. Use the Google+ app or YouTube app to delete your comment on your phone or tablet
  4. Delete your entire Google+ Profile or Google+ Page to delete your YouTube comments and messages, Google+ posts, and more.
Note: YouTube is in the process of separating from Google+, if you posted a comment after July 2015, it can only be deleted on the video watch page or in the YouTube app.

1. If you shared your comment to Google+, delete your Google+ post to delete the YouTube comment

Click the little down arrow in the upper right corner of your Google+ post to see a menu of options.

Click "Delete post" to delete your post - it will also disappear from YouTube.

If you want to remove a reply to a YouTube comment on Google+, you edit or delete it the same way.

Learn more:
 Edit or delete your Google+ Post (YouTube comment = Google+ Post)
 Edit or delete your Google+ Comment  (reply to a YouTube comment = Google+ Comment)

2.  Delete your comment on the YouTube video watch page or "All comments"

Note (August 2015): new comments can now only be deleted from the video watch page or the YouTube app. There is no longer any option to disable replies - the only options are "delete" and "edit".

Open the video you commented on, and scroll down to your comment. Click the little down arrow to the right of your comment to see your options.

Select "Delete" from the menu to delete your comment.

3. Delete your comment on your phone or tablet with the YouTube or Google+ mobile app

If you have a smartphone, you can delete your comment using the YouTube or Google+ app (screenshots from the Android apps). Note that comments posted after July 2015 can only be deleted in the YouTube app or (if they were comments on your own video) the YouTube Creator app.

Using the Google+ App (Android , iOS) find your comment post and delete it:

- tap your Google+ profile photo at the top of the screen to open your profile's Posts tab

- scroll down to find your comment post
- tap your comment post, then tap the menu icon on the upper right corner

- select "Delete" from the menu of options.

Learn more: Edit or delete your Google+ Post 
(YouTube comment = Google+ Post)

If you want to remove a reply to a YouTube comment on Google+, you edit or delete it the same way.

Learn more: Edit or delete your Google+ Comment  (reply to a YouTube comment = Google+ Comment)

Using the YouTube App (AndroidiOS), open the video you commented on, then find your comment and delete it:

- open the video you commented on

- scroll down to find your comment

- tap your comment

- from the menu that appears, select "Delete"

There are still some limitations to managing your own comments in the YouTube app, both in Android and iOS.

You can learn about what exactly you currently can and cannot do with comments in the mobile app here: Post YouTube comments

4. The nuclear option: delete the Google+ Profile or Page connected to your channel

If you really need to delete all your Google+ YouTube comments and messages, you can do that by deleting the Google+ Profile connected to your channel. Only do this if you are sure you want to delete everything!

Deleting your Google+ Profile will permanently delete all of your Google+ posts, including all you Google+ YouTube comments and YouTube messages, but will not delete your Gmail or photos.  

Deleting your Google+ Profile will disable the YouTube channel connected to your Profile, but it will not be permanently deteled. You can learn more about how deletion of your Google+ Profile can affect the rest of your Google account's products and services in my post here:   Use Google and Google+ without a Profile

Learn how to delete your Google+ Profile in the Google+ Help Center:
Delete your Google+ Profile

If your channel is connected to a Google+ Page, rather than a Google+ Profile, you can delete your Google+ Page to delete all your Page's posts.

However, you must first delete your YouTube channel before you can delete its connected Google+ Page. And deleting a Google+ Page will delete all Google products and and services for the Page, including your Page's posts, messages, photos, Gmail, and Google Drive uploads. 

Learn how to delete your Google+ Page in the Google My Business Help Center:
Delete your Google+ Page

Unless you are 100% certain you want to permanently delete everything, deleting individual comments is probably a better way to go.

And if you have older pre-Google+ legacy comments, you will have to delete those separately - deleting your Google+ Page or Profile should not affect your old comments.

Posted by Peggy K

Top image: derived from Emoji u1f64a Copyright © 2014 Google. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


  1. didnt tell me how to hide the comment from the google+ page without actually deleting the comment

    1. There isn't any way to hide a comment that you shared to your Google+ page. The only option would be to delete it.

  2. Google you are fascists. There should be a way to delete all YouTube comments.


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