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Help! How do I contact YouTube support?

Angry Friday FaceAre you having trouble signing into YouTube, linking your channel to Google+, configuring your account or setting up monetization? Are you frustrated, confused, angry?

Fortunately there are a number of different help resources for YouTube users, including contact forms, forums and Google+ communities, but it can be confusing to try to figure out which one to use.

Here's a brief guide to help you figure out where to get assistance with your YouTube account issue:

You cannot access your YouTube channel or videos or you are having trouble signing into your YouTube account

YouTube Login Troubleshooter
The troubleshooter is is the place to start

YouTube help forum: Account Setup, Sign In and Configuration :
If the login troubleshooter didn't help, post your question here where other experienced users can try to help you regain access to your account.

•  A: How to report a hacked Google account/YouTube channel (now with video) :
If you have lost access to YouTube because your YouTube account was hacked, follow these directions.

Recover a recently deleted YouTube channel
If you deleted your YouTube channel - but not your entire Google account - use the contact form at the end of this Help Center article

You are having trouble with linking or unlinking your YouTube channel from Google+, or managing your Google+-linked YouTube channel

YouTube Help: Google identities on YouTube
The YouTube help center has a lot of information on how to manage your Google+-linked YouTube channel. If the articles are not helpful, there is a contact form linked from each article that allows you to get help with your Google identity on YouTube.

YouTube - Google+ Integration Community
This official Google+ Community is focused specifically on YouTube and Google+ integration issues. If you are using Google+ this is a great place to get assistance.

• YouTube help forum: Account Setup, Sign In and Configuration
If you are not a Google+ user, then the best place to ask your questions is the YouTube help forum. No Google+ account required!

You are a YouTube Partner and having trouble with monetization 

Monetization Troubleshooter
If you have a question about monetizing specific videos, the monetization troubleshooter is the place to start. Depending on your issue, you may be able to submit a form to request additional assistance.

YouTube Help: Monetization, AdSense & Advertising
If the troubleshooter doesn't help, check whether your question has already been answered in the YouTube help center.

YouTube Monetization Help Forum
This is the official help forum for monetization-related questions, including ads not showing on your videos, setting up AdSense for your channel, and problems with disabled monetization.

AdSense Help
If your question is specifically about AdSense, rather than YouTube, try the AdSense help center. AdSense has direct email support for qualifying Publishers.

• Email support from YouTube (for qualifying YouTube Partners)
If your channel has had at least 75,000 hours of watch time over the past 90 days, you qualify for email support. You must be signed into your qualifying YouTube channel's Google account to see that option.
(note: this was increased from 15,000 hours of watch time in April 2014)

You are a YouTube Creator with questions other than about monetization

YouTube Creator Forum
The official YouTube Creators forum lets you connect with other YouTubers to ask questions about YouTube features and discuss optimizing your YouTube channes.

YouTube Help Center: About the YouTube Partner Program
Basic information about partnership.

• Email support from YouTube (for qualifying YouTube Partners)
As noted above, YouTube Partners with a qualifying YouTube channel can email Partner support directly.

• YouTube Creator Community
Google+ users should also check out the official community for YouTube Creators. There is also a community for Indian Creators .

• YouTube Analytics Community
This community was set up by YouTube Analytics product manager Ted Hamilton. Get your Analytics questions answered here!

You want to learn more, provide feedback or ask a question about the latest YouTube updates and features

• YouTube Help Forum
If you can't find an answer elsewhere, the YouTube forum is the place to ask your question.Check the pinned topics at the top of the YouTube Help forum for the latest announcements and requests for feedback. If you don't see a relevant topic, post a new comment or question of your own.

• YouTube Help Channel
Here's where you can find official tutorials and tips.

YouTube Help Center
The official starting place for finding answers to your YouTube-related questions

YouTube Creators Blog
Follow the official Creators blog for the latest information about YouTube features. If you use Google+ you can leave a comment.

YouTube Creators Google+ Page
The YouTube Creators Google+ Page has frequent updates about YouTube features and opportunities for YouTubers.

• YouTube Creator Hub
The best place to find information about optimizing your channel, special programs for creators and more.

• YouTube Creator channel
Tips and information for more advanced YouTube Partners and Pros.

• Direct feedback to YouTube
At the bottom of every page on there is a Send Feedback link. You aren't likely to get a response, but YouTube staff will see the feedback you submit.

If you've read this far, you are probably feeling a bit dizzy, and perhaps are still not sure where to find information or assistance.

If that's your case, post your question in the YouTube Help Forum.  Even if that's not the best place to get an answer, someone there should be able to point you in the right direction.

Photo by Lara Schneider on Flickr. Shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.



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