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Weekly Update - June 24, 2017: VidCon, Google+ Sharing, Google Posts

Happy summer!

VidCon US was this week, and YouTube had a big presence, including a live show with YouTube stars, and a Keynote address from CEO Susan Wojcicki hosted by Rhett and Link.

There were some stats - 1.5 billion logged in viewers visit YouTube every month, and viewers spend over an hour a day watching YouTube just on mobile devices.

And, of course, there were announcements: a new VR180 video format for virtual reality, mobile sharing rolling out to more countries,improvements to the YouTube mobile apps, 12 new YouTube Red shows and 10 new YouTube TV markets, and more. See the full list of VidCon links below.

Also this week: Google explained four ways it's fighting terrorism online YouTube Trusted Flaggers, better automated detection, content warnings, and counter-radicalization content The Google+ share button on desktop now just reshares to Google+. That means fewer clicks if you just want to share on Google+, but it’s a but harder to share to Twitter, Facebook or copy t…

Weekly Update - June 17, 2017: YouTube VR, Local Guides, Father's Day

Sunday is Father’s Day in the United States and many other countries. You can use Google Photos to make a Father’s Day movie for the special dad in your life. (And you can still make a Mother’s Day movie too). Plus Facebook is offering special Father’s Day cards and Instagram has Father’s Day stickers.

My top updates this week:
YouTube Analytics now offers VR heatmaps so you can see where people were looking at your 360-degree and VR videos. And if you want to give VR video making a try, YouTube Space LA is taking applications for VR Creator LabThe Google Local Guides program totally changed the achievement levels and now offers more ways to contribute. If you are a Local Guide, check your current points (and perks) in the Google Maps app or a desktop computer.If you are a gamer, I’m sure you know this week the Electronic Entertainment Expo AKA E3. YouTube was Live at E3, as was Twitch. Check out all the announcements on the official E3  site.If you are a small business owner and y…

How to Manage Google+ Comments on your Blogger Blog

Blogger offers two different comment systems for your blog. You can use the Blogger comment system, or you can use the Google+ comment system.  They function significantly differently, so it's good to understand what the differences are before you start getting comments on your blog.

I'm using the Blogger Comment system here, because I expect a significant percentage of my readers will not be active Google+ users. Here's my suggestion:

Use Google+ Comments if you expect most of your readers to have a Google+ Profile and you are not concerned about comment moderation.

Use Blogger Comments if you want to allow anonymous posting, or comments from people without a Google+ Profile and you want a variety of comment moderation options.
How do Blogger comments and Google+ comments compare?
.Blogger CommentsGoogle+ CommentsYour ProfileBlogger or Google+Google+ onlyCommenter Profile You set requirementGoogle+ onlyComment ModerationOn posts or in account On posts onlyNon-visible commen…

Weekly Update - June 10, 2017: Apple WWDC, Google Posts, YouTube Adpocalypse

The Googleverse was fairly quiet this week, but there are still plenty of updates:
This week was the annual Apple WWDC, so there are some fruit-flavored goodies. Despite Apple choosing to limit live stream viewership by using their proprietary live streaming technology that doesn’t support Chrome, Android or really anything other than Mac/iOS and the latest version of Windows, you can watch the recording of the keynote on YouTube (not that I was annoyed or anything). Last week was goodbye Google+, this week Google Posts is  part of Google My Business. Beyond the ability to create a post, Google+ and Google Posts are different beasts. But it remains to be seen if business owners embrace Google's latest posting option any more than they embraced Google+.The YouTube “Adpocalypse” is ongoing: advertisers in the UK apparently have pulled their ad buys.Sometimes little changes make a big difference: Google+ says goodbye to the red top bar Plus there are tips and updates for video creat…

Weekly Update - June 3, 2017: YouTube, AdSense, Better Ad Standards, Google+

New this week:
YouTube is rolling out updated Android and iOS apps, with improved navigation and organization.YouTube Partners should pay attention to YouTube’s latest update to the advertiser-friendly content policies. There is also a free YouTube Creator Academy course to help make sure you know and understand those policies.If you want to take your Google+ Collections to the next level, apply to the new Collections mentorship programAdSense introduced page level enforcements and a new Policy centerGoogle introduced Funding Choices, which lets site visitors pay for an ad-free experience. That is part of Google’s support of Better Ad Standards. Publishers and websites should take heed: Chrome will be updated to stop showing ads on sites that don’t comply with those standards. Try the new Ad Experience Report to see how your website fares.Google is using machine learning to block phishing attempts in Gmail and to automatically build charts in Google Sheets Plus there are tips and upd…

Control who can comment on your Blogger blog posts

If you are using the Blogger comment system, you can customize who can comment on your posts, from everyone to no one. You can also choose to moderate comments, rather than having them appear immediately.

Customize your Blogger comment options:
1. Sign into Blogger
2. Click Settings on the left menu
3. Select Posts, comments and sharing
4. Under Comments adjust Who can comment?, Comment locationand Comment moderation settings
5. Click the orange Save button at top right

Note that if you are using the Google+ comment system for your blog, you cannot control who can comment. You can remove comments after they are posted.

Comments can also be completely disabled on individual posts.

Read on for detailed instructions:
Who can comment?Disable commentsHold comments for moderation Are you using Google+ Comments on your blog? Enable and manage Google+ Comments

Weekly Update - May 27, 2017: Photos, Family, Advertising

The dust has settled from Google I/O and we’re starting to get the announced new features - at least for Google Photos. Here are my top updates this week:
Google Photos now lets you Archive images from your Photos screen, and you can personalize Google Photos by labeling your own face.Google Family Groups let you easily share with your family & household: Google Photos, Calendar, Keep, in addition to YouTube TV and Google PlayWe got a peek at some improvements Google+ is working on over the coming monthsThis week was the Google Marketing Next conference, where they announced updates to “Ads, Analytics and Doubleclick”. The focus was on machine learning and mobile - the same themes (not surprisingly) of Google I/O two weeks ago - applied to marketing. Watch the keynote and read an overview of the announcements.Hangouts no longer supports SMS - except for Project Fi and Google Voice. Plus there are updates and tips for AdSense Publishers, YouTubers, live streamers, webmasters, Andr…

Weekly Update - May 20, 2017: Google I/O, Assistant, Android, AI

This week was Google’s big developer conference - Google I/O 2017. This year’s theme: the shift from “mobile first” to an “AI first” world.

What does that mean in practical terms? Machine learning and artificial intelligence are integrated throughout Google’s products. Google Assistant will be available on more devices (including iPhones), Google Home is getting smarter, “Google Lens” will help your phone understand what it “sees”, there are now smart replies in Gmail and Google Photos will make suggestions for sharing.

And Google wants to bring the benefits of AI to everyone. Machine learning is used to predict the properties of new molecules and design drugs, improve healthcare, and even help you find a job. They also introduced the Tensor Flow Research Cloud, offering computing power free to allow researchers to explore machine learning projects.

Beyond AI, Google may also be making your life more entertaining: they announced a new standalone VR headset (no phone, no cables!), s…

Weekly Update - May 13, 2017: Google+ Community Invites, Hangouts Toolbox Returns, Allo Selfies

This week didn't have too may big Google updates (I'm expecting there to be a bunch next week from Google I/O), there are a bunch of tips and news articles to keep you busy.
My top updates:
Google+ introduced the option to invite people to a Community via a linkThe Hangout Toolbox app is now available again for Hangouts on Air , at least for as long as the remaining Hangouts video call apps are available.Google Allo uses neural networks to create cartoon selfie stickersYou will be able to create your own Google Street View imagery with new 360 camerasMicrosoft Build 2017 was this week, so there’s a look at what is ahead for Windows and Microsoft Are you ready for Google I/O (May 17-19)? Learn how you can tune in remotely. Plus news, updates and tips for YouTubers, live streamers, Google+ers, webmasters, bloggers, AdSense publishers, map users, chatters, web surfers and more. Beyond the Googleverse there’s news for Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram.
Moms OnlineUse Google…

Create a Google+ Community Badge for your blog or website

Google+ Communities let you create a space to interact with other people with shared interests. On Google+ itself, Communities are promoted on the Recommended Communities page and in Topics. However, you might also want to encourage people who aren't already on Google+ to join your public Community.

You can do that by embedding a Google+ Community Badge on a web page, blog post or sidebar.

It can have different looks:

If the Community's cover image is changed, the badge should update automatically.

Note that the button on the badge just opens the Community, where the viewer then needs to click the Join or Ask to Join button to actually join. If they do not yet have a Google+ Profile, they will be prompted to create one.
How to create a Google+ Community Badge 1. Get the Google+ Community URL
2. Open the Google+ Badge creation page (
3. In the badge creation tool, set the "Google+ User" to "Other then paste in the Commun…

Weekly Update - May 6, 2017: Mother's Day Movies, YouTube, Phishing

It was a relatively quiet week this week in the Googleverse - other than the big Google Docs phishing attack, that is. Keep your account safe!

My top updates this week:
Get a sneak peek at YouTube's new design, including a dark themeUpdate to AdSense policy: more mobile web optionsHow Google protects your account from phishing (and how this week's attack worked)Make a nice present for a mother in your life! 
Use Google Photos to automatically create a Mother's Day movie Plus there are tips and updates for YouTube, Live Streamers Google+, Webmasters, Maps users and more!

Do you know what happened last month? Check out my overview of April Creator Updates!

I take a look at: Google+ Topics, updates to the YouTube Partner Program, AdSense content policy, Custom URLs, and more.

Image: Detail from Mother Galanda by Mikuláš Galanda (Public Domain)

Monetize your Blogger blog with AdSense

You can easily earn a little money from your Blogger blog by linking an AdSense account, assuming your blog meets the eligibility requirements. Just bear in mind that unless your blog has a custom domain, you must start on your blog's Earnings tab to associate an AdSense account.
How to connect your Blogger blog to AdSense If your blog is eligible for AdSense, you can easily connect your existing AdSense account or apply for a new Hosted AdSense account.

1. Sign in to your Blogger account and open the Earnings settings for your blog.
2. Click the Sign up for AdSense button
3. Sign in to the Google account you are using for AdSense
4. Complete the AdSense association or application process
5. Customize ad preferences

New applications for AdSense may take up to a week to review, and sometimes longer than that.

Read on for detailed instructions.

Weekly Update - April 29, 2017 - Google+ Topics, AdSense Policy, Maps and Translate

This week Google helps you expand your horizons with updates to Google+, Maps, Translate and more. My top updates:
Google+ launches Topics. There are currently at least 162 topics for you to browse and discover people, Collections, and Communities that share your interests, in English, Spanish and Portuguese.AdSense expands policy prohibiting placing ads on pages with dangerous or derogatory contentGetting around is getting easier. Google Maps now lets you save your parking location, get local business reviews in your own language, and has a new home screen for users in India. Plus Google Trips, the travel planning app, now lets you better manage reservations.Making the internet more inclusive in India: Google introduced improved translation of nine Indian languages in Google Translate and Chrome, 22 Indic languages were added to GBoard for Android, and (along with Oxford University Press) is bringing the Rajpal & Sons Hindi dictionary online. Now anyone  can create a class using…

How to enable monetization on YouTube

YouTube recently changed the eligibility requirements for monetization. Your channel must have at least 10,000 public lifetime views to display ads on videos. And if you are not currently a Partner, you now need to apply for the YouTube Partner program.

While that means you won't be able to immediately start monetizing videos on your new channel, you can set your channel up so it's ready to start monetizing when it becomes eligible.

There is a four step monetization setup process
Is your channel eligible for monetization?1. Review the YouTube Partner Program Policies2. Sign up for AdSense (or link your existing AdSense account)3. Set monetization preferences4. Get reviewed after reaching 10,000 viewsWhat happens next? Earnings and payments 

Read on for detailed instructions.

Weekly Update - April 22, 2017: YouTube Partner Program, G+ Metrics in G Suite, Updated Google Earth

Add music to your Google Photos movie from the YouTube Audio Library (or anywhere)

You create a Movie from your videos and photos in Google Photos, then add your own music or audio track with just a few clicks.

If you have a supported device, all you need to do is select from your images and video clips to create a Movie. The app offers a number of songs you can add, but you might have trouble finding just the right track.

YouTube offers a much larger variety of music in the YouTube Audio Library which can be used for any project.  And you can add those tracks to your Google Photos Movies.

The following instructions explain how to do that on your supportedAndroid device.

Note that this works for any audio file downloaded to your device. Just keep in mind that if you plan to share the Movie publicly, any music needs to be licensed for use.

How to add music from the the YouTube Audio Library to your Google Photos Movie

1. Create your Google Photos Movie on your Android device (Instructions)
2. Find the YouTube Audio Library track you want to use (…

Weekly Update - April 15, 2017: Google+, Google Photos, AutoDraw

Weekly Update - April 8, 2017: YouTube, Google+, Fighting Fake News

New this week: The big news for Creators was that the YouTube Partner Program has new eligibility requirements. Channels must have at least 10,000 lifetime views to show ads on videos. While this comes amidst a lot of criticism from advertisers about where their ads are displaying, YouTube says this change has been in the works since last November.YouTube TV is now live in five US Metro areas: New York, Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, Chicago, and PhiladelphiaNow you can remove your current Google+ or YouTube custom URL, and then - if eligible - be offered a new one. This is great for folks who have changed their name or rebranded their business.Android 7.1.2 was officially released, with bug fixes and improvements for Pixel and Nexus phones And the fight against fake news rages on: ”Fact Check” is now available in Google Search and News around the world. And Facebook is implementing changes to stop misinformation and false news.Plus tips and updates for YouTube, Google Photos, Blogger, AdS…

How to block someone on your YouTube channel

If you are a YouTuber, and someone is harassing you, spamming you or you otherwise don't want them to contact you or comment on your videos or channel, you can block them.

There are two ways to block someone on YouTube:

1. Block a YouTube Contact in the YouTube mobile app. 

That will block the person across Google products.

Read on to get detailed instructions on how to block someone in YouTube Contacts

2. Block someone from commenting on your videos or channel on a desktop computer

When you block someone in YouTube through their channel, comments or a live chat, that person's account is NOT blocked in any other Google products.

Read on to get detailed instructions on how block someone from commenting on your YouTube channel

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Weekly Update - April 1, 2017: YouTube Monetization, Google+, and some Foolishness

It's been an eventful week. Here are my top updates: YouTube has been fine tuning their ad systems to address advertiser concerns, which may be causing fluctuations in revenue for YouTube Partners. YouTube recommends creators make sure that videos “are aligned with the advertiser friendly content guidelines” and pledged to make the review process around appeals even faster (although it didn’t help that there was a bug (now fixed) that prevented submitting an appeal on some demonetized videos.)Location sharing moved from Google+ to Google MapsTwitter no longer counts @ usernames towards the 140 character post limit, plus they have ditched the egg. In response, some people have asked “Does anyone at Twitter even use Twitter?”And, naturally, coming into the first day of April, there have been a lot of unusual software and hardware launches. So far my favorites are the Chromebook Groupie Stick,the T-Mobile ONEsie, and Ms Pacman in Google Maps. Plus you should definitely check out th…

How to manage your Google Account's Blocked Users

When you block someone in Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts or YouTube Contacts, you block them across Google. You can view and remove blocked users in your Google Account settings (

Get detailed instructions on how to manage your Google Blocked Users

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How to block (or unblock) someone in Google Photos

If someone is harassing you, spamming you or you otherwise don't want them to contact you or see your content you can block them on Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts or YouTube Contacts. Blocking them in one product will block them across Google.

What happens in Google Photos when you block someone You won't be able to see each others photos, videos, or comments in Google Photos.If you own the album and you block a contributor, any content they’ve added will be removed from the album.If you block the owner of an album, any content you've added will be removed from the album.If you block someone from an album you don’t own, you and the person you block won’t be able to see each other’s content.
Read on for detailed instructions how to block (or unblock) someone in Google Photos

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How to block (or unblock) someone in Google Hangouts

If someone is harassing you, spamming you or you otherwise don't want them to contact you or see your content you can block them on Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts or YouTube Contacts. Blocking them in one product will block them across Google.

When you block someone in Google Hangouts:

Individual conversation:
you cannot send or receive Hangout chat messagesGroup conversation:
you can join a group chat with the person you blockedthe person you blocked can join group chats you are inyou will be able to see each others messagesVideo calls: 
you cannot join a video call with someone you blocked and vice versaNote: if you use Hangouts for Project Fi or Google Voices calls and SMS, those services may be affected.

Read on to get detailed instructions on How to block (or unblock) someone in Hangouts
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How to block (or unblock) someone on Google+

If someone is harassing you, spamming you or you otherwise don't want them to contact you or see your content you can block them on Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts or YouTube Contacts. Blocking them in one product will block them across Google.

If you block someone on Google+:
you are removed from their Circles, and can't add you backthey cannot see your posts made after blocking them (while signed in to their account)they cannot comment on your poststhey cannot see your commentsthey cannot plus mention youyou cannot see the content they postif they post in a Community you own or moderate, you will be able to see your post if you post in a Community they own or moderate, they will be able to see your post Blocking someone on Google+ also blocks them in Hangouts, Google Photos, and YouTube Contacts.

Read on to get detailed instructions on how to block (or unblock) a person or page on Google+
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Weekly Update - March 25, 2017: Blogger, Ads on YouTube, Hangouts and more

Lots new in the Googleverse this week!
Blogger introduced 4 new modern template themes. I used the Notable theme to give this blog a new look. If you want to give one of them a try, it’s easy to switch!Google continued to be under fire from advertisers whose ads appeared with “extremist” content. Despite assurances from Google and YouTube that practices would be improved, big advertisers in the UK and US pulled millions of advertising dollars. And it’s not clear how much the changes will affect Creators.Google continues to refine its messaging strategy. SMS will be removed from Google Hangouts (except for Google Voice and Project Fi) and Google Talk will finally be completely retiredGoogle Photo was updated for faster backup and sharing, especially when you have a poor internet connection Snapseed got some nice new features, including Double Exposure and Face PoseReal-time location sharing is coming back to Google Maps. Plus there are tips and updates for Webmasters, Live Streamer…

New name, new look - same great content!

Hey there reader! You may have noticed the blog's new name and layout. This is no longer the "YouTube - Google+ Integration" blog. Instead it's "Peggy K's Tips & Tricks (for Creators, Collectors and Curators)".

It was longlong overdue for a change. My posts haven't been exclusively about YouTube integration with Google+ for a long long time, and now that integration has largely been undone.

What's different? 

A new header that better reflects the content of the blog.
A new template. I'm using a customized version of the new Blogger "Notable" theme. It's designed to "adjust to any screen" and load quickly.

Gadget spring cleaning. My old sidebar had gotten a bit cluttered with gadgets that were out of date.

Blogger comments only.  I had been using comment code from blogger xpertise that let you choose between standard Blogger Comments and Google+ Comments. However, I get few comments overall, and almost all of them are …