Saturday, November 26, 2016

Weekly Update - November 26, 2106: Blogger, Sites, Cyber Monday

This was a pretty quiet week announcement-wise - probably because of the Thanksgiving holiday. However, this week did see some nice updates for bloggers and other online content publishers:
Plus updates and tips for YouTubers, Live Streamers, AdSense, Bloggers, Webmasters, Map Readers, and more.

The post-Thanksgiving pre-Christma shopping season has brought great shopping deals, including great prices on the Google Pixel, Home and Chromecast, try Google Play Music + YouTube Red free for 4 months and Chromecast purchases include three months of HBO Now. And there are more "Cyber Monday" deals at and other online retailers.

Image: Edited cover of Radio Listeners’ Guide and Call Book (Nov 1928) with articles about “Television of Tomorrow”

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weekly Update - November 19, 2016: Google+, Google Photos, AI Everywhere

Top updates this week:
Plus updates and tips for YouTube, AdSense, Google Docs, Google Photos, mobile messaging, and much more.

Image: Detail from Acht kalkoenen by Theo van Hoytema (1892)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekly Update - November 12, 2016: Google+, YouTube, Safe Browsing

Top updates this week:
  • Google+ makes it easier to post in Communities and supports AMP pages for faster mobile webpage loading
  • YouTube now supports HDR video and has launched an app for the Daydream VR viewer (which is now available for sale)
  • Google Safe Browsing now warns against repeat offenders and makes it easier to report malicious sites.
Plus more updates and tips for YouTube, Google+, Google Photos, Google Sites, Gmail, AdSense , Project Fi and more.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekly Update - November 5, 2016: YouTube, Project Fi, US Elections

Top updates this week:
  • YouTube adds new comment features, which should help build your channel’s community
  • YouTube’s improved Content ID dispute process ensures creators won’t lose money
  • YouTube comes to an agreement with the Germany-based music rights organization, GEMA, meaning that more music videos will play for German viewers
  • YouTube now offers Chrome notifications on desktop
  • Project Fi app now displays improved real-time data
  • Photo editing app Snapseed can now edit photo spheres without them losing their sphereiness 
  • Microsoft launches a Slack competitor, and Slack seems pretty concerned
  • Did you know there is an election in the US on November 8th?